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Settling in the City | Tips for Getting Comfortable Post-Move

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles | Posted on 28-09-2018

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You made it! You are in your new city, new home, new life and you’re ready to jump in feet first. Getting completely settled in a new environment definitely takes time, but there’s no reason why you can’t expedite some familiarity with experience. Getting to know a community is a fun and exciting experience, so there’s no good reason to wait.

Find Helpful Hands

The sooner you have resources that you can rely on when life throws the unexpected at you, the less tied down you will feel. Finding the help you need -- whether it’s a housekeeper, pet sitter, or a dog walker -- helps you feel established in your new home. Having people you can rely on for help also dispels some of the loneliness you may feel after relocating. For instance, a dog walker can make sure your dog gets the exercise and attention he needs while you unpack and explore the parts of town that may not be dog-friendly. A housekeeper can help complete that initial move-in cleaning so you don’t have to exhaust yourself after an already tiring move.

Furthermore, a pet sitter will ensure your animal friends get the care they need if you have to spend an extended amount of time taking care of moving details.

Unpack the Essentials

Unpacking can be a weeks-long process, but you can’t wait that long for the essential items you need for a productive life. Tackle boxes by priority -- start with the bedroom and unpack closet essentials you want for work and exploring the city. If you have children at home, have them unpack all they can themselves then help them finish their rooms before moving onto the kitchen. After having your sleep space set up, having the kitchen unpacked is most important because going grocery shopping and making a meal is one of the best ways to make your new house feel like home. Finally, get all those products you use daily, towels and other bathroom items unpacked and set up in their assigned space. Once you have these three essential areas set up, you can move on to other boxes over time as you settle.

Make Some Plans

Finding something to look forward to will stoke excitement for your new town while providing you with motivation to unpack and get the house ready in a shorter amount of town. Furthermore, finding a community event gives you the opportunity to explore your neighborhood. Go to a local coffee shop, library, or community center for a local paper or bulletin board that outlines upcoming community events. Pick one that you find interesting while also working with your schedule -- these publications often advertise for both family-friendly and free events so you can bring the kids along and not worry about stretching your budget too thin.

Join a Group

If you want to get socially plugged in as soon as possible, joining a group, club, or class is the perfect outlet. Check your neighborhood’s Nextdoor page or look into what local MeetUp groups interest you. Don’t forget about the kids, either! They need socialization and stimulation outside of school through extracurricular activities. Signing them up for sports, dance classes, or clubs gives the whole family a social scene in which you can become involved. Or look for local parenting groups from BigTent where you can find other parents who organize things like pool parties and pumpkin patches for families in the area.


A new city is a new start -- and that’s something to be excited about! When getting to know your new community, don’t rush yourself, but also go ahead and find some helping hands so you can become socially active as soon as possible. Finding a pet sitter, housekeeper or dog walker gives you the free time to hit that happy hour or join a Pilates class. Unpack the essentials as soon as possible, but give your family time to unpack completely. There’s no harm in keeping things in boxes for a week or two. Make some plans be it a movie in the park with the kids or a late-night free concert for adults only. Finally, get socially plugged in with a club or group that opens its arms to newcomers in town.

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