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Steve Lehman | London Council Ward 8

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 14-09-2018

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Steve Lehman

1. The basics:
Steve Lehman is 58 years old, a small business owner for over 30 years and father of 2 boys (one currently at Western and the other working in Toronto). Steve has lived in London for 35 years.
2. What’s the most pressing problem you’d tackle if elected?
The BRT plan is front and centre in this election and I consider this the most pressing issue. However, this is dealt with in Question 3 below. The issue that requires our immediate attention is the drug/mental health crisis now facing our city. This used to be a “downtown” issue but now is spreading out to our neighbourhoods. It is an issue that is very complex with solutions not readily apparent. Needle exchanges and supervised injection sites are being discussed and tested. They have the right intentions but I am not convinced they represent long-term solutions. We have many non-profit and government departments that are attempting to help people suffering from these two health issues. As a city government, we need to facilitate the coordination of the many organizations including our police that are working hard on this challenge.
We need to change the revolving door solution for mental health, addiction and homelessness into a well-defined pathway that guides towards a long-term change by building on the creative ideas of such organizations as Y.O.U., Unity Project and Goodwill. They believe in providing a path out of day to day hopelessness by breaking the cycle and giving the means and guidance to a better life. The city needs to examine how our subsidized/social housing (HAC) is currently fitting into the long-term benefit of its tenants. Are we being good landlords and managing properties effectively.
In the late 90’s the mental health system was drastically changed closing psychiatric hospitals in London and St. Thomas resulting in the number of beds available for mental health cut. Since then we have seen further restructuring resulting in even more beds lost. The result has been mental health sufferers now are living on our streets with no hope for a different life. As a regional health centre, we need to take ownership of this and vigorously lobby the province to provide/restore the beds lost over the last 15 years.
Long-term solutions will take time to develop and implement. In the meantime, we all have a right to feel safe in all areas of our city. In the short term, we need to find a way for our police to provide that safety. Our police do a wonderful job given the constraints they work with daily, however, they need the proper resources to do their job. What happens to someone in a crisis of a drug overdose or a mental health challenge? Are the police hesitant to arrest or assist as they know individuals they hold will be back on the streets within hours of being detained at the hospital or our county jail with no true solution of stopping the cycle? Police spend countless hours in hospital emergency rooms, taking them away from our streets…our tax dollars deserve a better solution to keep London safe. Let’s give the police the tools they need to do their job of providing a safe environment for all.
3. Do you support the current BRT plan, yes or no?
I do not support the current BRT plan. As with all cities, how we get around is of great importance now and as we grow. I don’t believe the current transit plan which advocates dedicated bus lanes with concrete barriers throughout our city is the answer. The 1/2 billion dollar cost doesn’t justify the 4 minutes saved by 23% of our transit users that live on the proposed BRT routes. It also doesn’t address the many areas of the city currently not served by transit. So what is the answer? First of all I believe we have to seek out solutions that address the needs of ALL of us and how we choose to move around town. Simple low-cost solutions such as
computerized traffic lights currently in BRT plan – why not do this immediately?
bus bays for all bus stops on major corridors to keep traffic flowing (including transit traffic)
flex streets for major corridors – extra lane going into the core in the morning rush hour and reversed going out of the core in the evening rush hour. Toronto has used this system for years with much success.
We have spent money and energy looking at 20th-century solutions to transit improvement. How will transportation look in 10 years? Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon. “Uberization” is upon us. Let’s work for a better transit plan that truly looks at the future. We have world-class knowledge and ability in our backyard. Let’s reach out to our next leaders in the forefront of technology at Western and Fanshawe and explore how their computer scientists and engineers can partner with our city to develop new, innovative ways to move people around easily and more affordably. Both city and our educational institutions would benefit from this partnership. In the meantime, let’s analyze current true ridership numbers and see if we can be more effective. Are we truly joining ALL of our city? Are we using the right size of transit vehicles? Can we explore direct point to point transit on high destination routes at high ridership times? What areas of the city and industry are not being serviced currently that should be considered if we want to attract more industry and handle housing growth?
4.What leadership skills could Steve Lehman bring to city hall?

Over 30 years of owning my own business have given me the financial and organizational leadership skills that I intend to bring to city council. As a steward of our tax dollars, I feel it is important to manage decisions city hall faces with and true understanding of the importance of weighing costs and true benefits. In business, the failure of this is met with immediate financial consequences. As a $1 billion corporation, we need the pragmatism that a background of meeting a payroll brings. Over the years I have learned that to be successful you must seek out many opinions from various sources in order to make the right decision. I will bring that leadership skill to the table and encourage all councillors and mayor to spend more time listening to what taxpayers and citizens of London truly want and then to address those needs with cost-effective solutions.
.How would you bridge divides between Londoners?
I am concerned that our politics have become so polarized that we have stopped talking to one another. A successful government is made up of people with various outlooks and backgrounds that can work together to find good compromises. I have the empathy and integrity to do that. A good councillor listens and considers all points of view as they seek the best answer for their city. I intend to do just that.
past or present city councillor would you hope to emulate?
The past 4 years have been one of the most controversial and divisive city term that I can remember. I always admired councillor Phil Squire. He demonstrated a calm demeanour and ability to listen before cautiously determining his position. He also had the fortitude to stay with his conviction even when it was a lonely voice at city hall. I intend to emulate these qualities if I am elected.
7. Who should have the final say in how London grows, city hall or developers?

There are many stakeholders that are involved in the growth of London. Developers play a major role. Without their investment, we would not have cranes in the air. City council provides land developers with guidance that begins with the London Plan developed by our last council. This plan was clearly developed around a light rail system that is now been changed to a bus plan that may or may not be changed with a new council. The urban densification of development (a main point of the London Plan) is something we need to continue, regardless of changes to transit plans. This is what is happening naturally as boomers downsize and as young professionals look for their first home before they have families.
However, we are also reaching a point where we are simply running out of land for housing outside of the urban core. This is leading to the explosion in house prices to the point that affordability is becoming an issue. The London Plan will need to address housing affordability with planning for increased housing inventory.
sets Steve Lehman apart from the other candidates?
The city of London is a $1 billion dollar corporation. I see city council as its board of directors with the mayor acting as its chair, each having 1 vote to cast on decisions made. I am offering Ward 8 and London someone who has run a business in London for over 30 years. I understand the process of making tough decisions while working towards a budget. I have run the Richmond Row Association and am currently a board member of the London Downtown Business Association and I understand how politics meets reality in the urban centre. As a business owner, I also understand the importance of the customer, in this case, the citizens and taxpayers of our city. While living and raising my family in London for many years I have seen city hall do great things like Convent Garden and locating Budweiser Gardens downtown. I have also witnessed mistakes like approving Galleria Mall downtown which pulled the life out of Dundas St. only to close in a few years. I will use my experience to represent the interests of Ward 8 and will do my utmost over the next 4 years to ensure London thrives as it meets its challenges both now and those down the road.

Posting Blog Articles & Sharing on Facebook

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 23-02-2016


Advance Website Strategy...

I regularly see people posting articles on Facebook and many of these articles I think are very interesting. However, when I see a better way for you to leverage your efforts in order to maximize your lead generation and market exposure, I feel it is time to reach out and offer you the suggestion.

Attached is an image that will show you how to post and share your blog articles. Follow the steps in the attached image to watch a short two minute video on how to post articles to your Advance Website and then share them on Facebook.

Remember that over 90% of people go to the Internet to look at real estate, therefore 100% of your marketing efforts should have a component driving people back to one of your websites.

This will have the net effect of engaging your website visitors in an attempt to capture their contact information. In the least you'll tag them for your banner ad marketing, having your banners follow them all over the Internet for the next 18 months... Maximizing and leveraging your marketing!

Take care and happy prospecting.

James Osmar

P.S. I suggest that you create two files for collecting interesting articles, one on your Internet browser and another on your email account. This will make it easy to find and post articles when you have a few spare minutes.

Be Sure of Who is Following You on Twitter…

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 28-01-2011

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Who is Following You on Twitter…                                                                                                                                                                      spy on twitter

I have been on Twitter a couple of years and until recently I have not found much value in it, at least for real estate agents. I discuss this in an article that I about “Marketing Estate Website - Twitter and Facebook Make Poor Selling Tools”. I did manage to find a value for Twitter and it involves getting your real estate websites indexed faster; however that is not the focus here.

One of my irritating little complaints about Twitter was that you were never too sure who was or was not following you. Not that I am concerned about stalker or other warped types of follows. But I could see when browsing through Twitter profiles that some people would follow you so that you would reciprocate and then some of these individuals would un-follow you. I know this to be true because I do reciprocal follows, if someone follows me I follow back. Well I could see my follow list shrinking and I wanted to know why.

Well there are individuals out there that are ego driven, yes even on Twitter the all important ego comes into play. What they want to do is have this large follower list and at the same time have a small follow list, they do this so that they look real important… are you impressed? They will follow others to gain the reciprocal follow and after some time has passed they will delete those people following them. Now they always keep a few important names on their follow list, usually others with small follow lists, because again they feel real important.

Until now it has been very difficult to figure out who was or was not following you, because you would have to scrap through an individual’s followers to see if you were on their list and this would be near impossible. There is now a tool that will search through all of the people that you are following and will tell you if any have dropped you from their follow list. It is a web based application and it works very fast. The tedious part is going through and having to delete these slippery Tweeters one at a time. However once you have your list all straightened away it is easy to maintain.

I don’t like getting tricked unless it is all about having some good clean fun. So when I find a tool that rids my list of diabolical self serving Tweeters… I for one love giving these Twits the boot. This is the tool… Happy Twitter Twatting!

Friend or Follow

This internet tool is not mine; however I do find it useful...

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

Real Estate Marketing – Video Websites are Creating a Revolution

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Videos, Real Estate Websites, Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 18-01-2011

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Real Estate Marketing                                                                                                                                                                  real-estate-marketing

Real estate marketing with online video is fast becoming the norm in advertising over the internet today. The fact that Google has purchased YouTube attests to the fact that internet video has potential in this respect. Generating leads through the use of real estate websites with video tours is increasingly being used by tech savvy real estate agents. Given the fact that many internet users prefer to get information from video rather than reading, website video is a tool that you cannot afford to ignore if you are in the real estate business. This addition to your presentations will go a long way in separating you from the competition.

Video produced for purposes of generating leads in a real estate marketing world can be divided into two distinct categories, which can be used simultaneously to produce a unique internet marketing campaign. These categories are;

  • Video used for the purpose of lead generation, a tool that enables you to show your sellers how you are going to market their home. This can be done at the listing presentation or as part of your prelisting package. It can also be used as a tool to get your sellers to send their circle of influence to see the video on your website, creating a massive lead generation opportunity.
  • Promotional Content – This is prospecting strategy that most Real Estate Professionals have not figured out yet. If you post a video, it enables you to link back to your site, driving tons of free traffic and all of those potentially untapped buyers and sellers. It also has the net effect of giving you a back link to your website and giving your website a page rank boost in the search engines.

Traditionally, visual content in the real estate market was composed of static images placed in a gallery or at most images that allowed the viewer to pan from side to side or zoom in on the photo. With the advent of online video for real estate lead generation, producers of video tours have had to come up with videos that entertain as well as inform.

The use of video to generate leads had led to more sophisticated video productions being invented. It is now possible to use online mapping and video tours to search and view real estate property in many areas. This is however a technique that is still slowly catching on amongst Real Estate Professionals. Due to the popularity of YouTube videos, search engines are now incorporating a feature through which search spiders can go through the dialogue in the video description and list it in the organic search results depending on the search keywords. You will often see videos rank high in the search engines within hours. This has led to a closer integration of the real estate and video production professions. There are video producers who are specializing in producing content specifically for the real estate business. Another development is that Real Estate Professionals are now looking into creating websites that can easily incorporate videos in a way that it is user friendly and fun for a prospective buyer to use.

You may think that all this is too complicated for you, but you will find that the benefits of a video website greatly outweigh the effort it takes to post a video. As well, the cost of a feature video is literally pennies on the dollar when compared to other forms of advertising and a video posted to the internet can be used as a traffic generation tool for years. Another aspect that should be a major consideration is that studies have found that video causes the visitor to stay on a website up to four times longer. This is major knowledge as the average visitor to a website stays for three and a half minutes but normally decides to leave within nine seconds. The trick is to get them to break though the nine second time barrier, the longer a person stays on your website the better the opportunity to get them to offer up their contact information. Video has become one simple method of encouraging visitor involvement and pushing them beyond the nine second rule.

If you are the type that feels comfortable using a camera that’s great if not there have been some great adaptations to still photos that now enable you to turn photos into video. This is something that all Real Estate Professionals should get into as the early real estate agents that adapt to this new real estate marketing strategy will be the ones to benefit the most.

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

Facebook – Getting Inside Your Buyers and Sellers Circle of Influence

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic, Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 25-02-2009

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

Facebook has many more applications then a simple social chat site. As a salesperson or marketer of any service or product, there is an enormous opportunity here to enter the circle of influence of every client or customer you meet.

Follow these simple steps and apply them to other social networking sites and you will increase you influence where every you go.

In this video I will use the example of a Real Estate agent and show how with each client you can enter their circle of influence getting yourself in front of thousands of new customers and friends.

Referrals and Relocation

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Professional Referral Tips, Real Estate Referrals, Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 04-12-2008

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The key strategy behind the use of the relocation referral network Canada Referral and United States Referral. This network has been set up to facilitate the ability of relocation and referrals between Real Estate Professionals on the Internet.  Membership is both free and paid, the Success PLUS level places you in a top of the page large profile position.

As a Success PLUS Member you are also able to take advantage of the the fact that you will be able to take advantage of the entire suite of real estate websites

Explode Your Social Traffic

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 03-08-2008

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So many people have been saying for months now that using the social marketing sites like MySpace, Facebook and the others is a great way to get traffic.

But there's been a problem and that's been that nobody has ever showed you how to do actually do it.

Not only that but a lot of these social sites don't like you posting your website links and affiliate links all over the place so you can sometimes end up getting blocked or just not getting any traffic.

Well I found myself in the same position - I knew a little bit about social marketing, enough to be dangerous. But the problem was that although I was spending plenty of hours on these websites I just wasn't getting any traffic or sales.

That's when I started to look around and realized that wouldn't it be great if there was a way you could watch how to properly get set up with the social sites in such a way that you were guaranteed to get lots of traffic?

And that's where Social Traffic Explosion comes in ...

... with 8 comprehensive step by step videos it shows you EVERYTHING you need to know about driving lots of traffic into your website and affiliate links from the social marketing sites.

You get to see, on the screen, exactly what you need to do, which buttons to press and which hidden options you need to activate to get your profiles attracting lots of highly targeted leads that are ready to buy from you.

The videos are so easy to follow that you simply can't go wrong with them and although they cover everything they are fast to move through. You start applying the tactics from them and seeing traffic from the social marketing sites very, very quickly.

You get shown on a guided tour on the best way to REGISTER, CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROFILE and get MASSIVE TRAFFIC from some of the biggest social marketing sites that exist out there.

And the best part?

Using these social marketing sites to get lots of highly targeted traffic is free. Great huh?

Anyway, go and have a look at these excellent videos for yourself;