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Real Estate Professionals all of your clients know 14 people moving this year

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate News, Real Estate Training | Posted on 06-03-2012


I had a very interesting news flash occur a few months back while preparing to speak at a real estate tech seminar... The topic I was covering was how to gain massive leverage when prospecting with video.

While compiling my information, thoughts were popping in and out of my head at what seemed like light speed. I began to wonder just how many friends each client must have. I then determined, who better to find this information from than Facebook.

A Google search quickly revealed what I was looking for, according to Facebook the average person has 130 friends listed. As well, the industry average for people moving is every seven years... This is going to get very interesting, because it's when I had my "aha"  moment! It's when my thoughts went form light speed to slow motion.

If the average person knows 130 people, and the average person moves every seven years. The numbers of people that each and every person knows that will be moving every year is huge, and could be very profitable for real estate agents that can figure out how to comfortably tap into this source.

When you divide the these numbers 130 by 7 you get 18.57... now that is a large number and is probably skewed by the fact that not all people on Facebook are not friends or even acquaintances. But it is very conceivable for a couple living in a home to know of, work with and have at least 100 friends, work associates and acquaintances. After all that is only 50 people each.

Therefore if the sellers of each home that you have listed know 100 people, and these people all move an average of every seven years. Each and every buyer and seller knows 14 people that are moving this year, which is more than one person every month.

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs that I have had as a prospecting real estate agent, and it involves leveraging your buyers and sellers list.

If you sell 30 homes times the 14 people that each of these sellers has influence with, this would mean that your list has potential contact with 420 people moving this year... "aha".  As a Real Estate Professional, this is one of the largest untapped groups of people that are available to you as a real estate agent. The people on this list will be friendlier and much more likely to work with you as their real estate agent. All that you need to do is learn the secret of how to get your sellers to market you!

Just think of the numbers of buyers and sellers each of your current clients know. Also look at when are your buyers and sellers going to be meeting other buyers and sellers. It is when they are active in the market, just like when you bought that new car and you started to see it everywhere. This is called the reticular activator, a little part in your brain that starts to notice what is on your mind.  Well... your clients will start to meet other buyers and sellers everywhere when they are moving. All you need is the right scripts and tools to get them to help you out... causing them to want to become an integral part of your real estate team!

I will be starting a new series of LIVE Webinars soon, join me on my next one. I will be discussing easy to implement strategies that will effortlessly get you in front of your buyers and sellers list, and it will be much easier than you ever thought possible. SEO Strategies, the best and easiest way to build and maintain a relationship with your past present and future clients. As well I will be discussing in detail the 3 Kinds of Leads and the 3 Main Systems you need to capture, convert and how to get your clients to come to you when they need you.

This is he new way for Real Estate Professionals to do business in this new Internet age of Real Estate.

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James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

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Home sales hit 13-year low in United States

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate News | Posted on 20-01-2011

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WASHINGTON - The number of Americans who bought previously        Real Estate Slide
owned homes last year fell to the  lowest level in 13 years, and
economists say it will be years before the housing market fully recovers.

High unemployment and a record number of foreclosures are deterring potential buyers who fear home prices haven't reached the bottom. Job growth is expected to pick up this year, but not enough to raise home sales to healthier levels.

"We built too many houses during the boom, and now after the crash, it will take us a long time to
get back to normal," said David

Wyss, chief economist at Standard & Poor's in New York.

The National Association of Real Estate Professionals reported Thursday that sales dropped 4.8 per cent to 4.91 million units in 2010. That was slightly fewer than in 2008, which had been the weakest year since 1997.

The poor year for sales did end on a stronger note. Buyers snapped up homes at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.28 million units in December, the best sales pace since May and the 12.8 per cent rise from November was the biggest one-month surge in 11 years.

Home prices fall faster in biggest US cities

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles, Real Estate News | Posted on 28-12-2010

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NEW YORK, N.Y. - Home prices are dropping in America's largest cities and are expected to fall through next year, with the worstdeclines coming in areas with high numbers of foreclosures.

The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index fell 1.3 per cent in October from September. All cities recorded monthly price declines.

Atlanta recorded the largest decline. Prices there fell 2.9 per cent from a month earlier.

Washington, which had posted increases for six straight months, dropped 0.2 per cent in October.

The 20-city index has risen 4.4 per cent from their April 2009 bottom. But it remains 29.6 per cent below its July 2006 peak.

By The Associated Press

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Woman accused of terrorizing neighbours ordered by judge to sell her condo

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles, Real Estate News | Posted on 16-09-2010

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For years, Natalia Korolekh is alleged to have terrorized her neighbours with violence, racial insults and a massive Rottweiler that is “a constant source of fear.”

In her tony, 30-unit townhouse complex in downtown Toronto, Korolekh is considered the neighbour from hell. And on Aug. 17, the Ontario Superior Court agreed — by ordering the 41-year-old stockbroker to sell her home.

In a rare decision, Justice Michael Code ordered Korolekh to sell her unit near Bay and Bloor Sts., ruling she has been physically violent and intimidating to her condo neighbours.

Korolekh must also pay $35,000 to her condo board and get rid of her dog, a 5-year-old Rottweiler named Chinia. According to court documents, the large dog — estimated at about 150 lbs. — is used to “frighten and intimidate,” once lunging at a neighbour while Korolekh urged her to “Get it! Get it!”

Neighbours say Korolekh’s presence has transformed their community from one that was “safe, accepting and close knit” to one where common areas are now “virtually barren” and residents avoid Korolekh at all costs.

“Mrs. Korolekh’s behaviour is extreme in a number of senses,” Justice Code wrote in his judgment. “This broad array of misconduct is carried out in a devious, persistent and vindictive manner.”

He continued: “This case was a ‘perfect storm’ where the misconduct is serious and persistent, where its impact on a small community has been exceptional and where the respondent appears to be incorrigible or unmanageable.”

It is extremely rare for judges to order the sale of a condo unit, a decision considered by some to be excessive and draconian.

But lawyers for Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corp. No. 747 say Korolekh was a danger to both the property and her neighbours, thus making legal action necessary.

“It was very extreme,” said Denise Lash, solicitor for the condo corporation. “It was probably the most extreme case that I’ve seen in my 21 years.”

Korolekh was given three months to sell her home but on Friday, she insisted she was staying put.

Chinia could also be seen lounging on Korolekh’s couch; the court-ordered deadline for the dog’s removal passed two weeks ago.

“Trust me, I will fight for myself,” said Korolekh from her home on Friday, dressed in a stained white shirt and speaking with a thick Russian accent. “”I feel something is not right here.”

In her four-page affidavit, Korolekh accuses her condo board of spearheading a “campaign of harassment” ever since she asked for some defective windows to be replaced.

Korolekh said her condo board is trying to save money by using the courts to force her out and avoid paying for the windows.

But in the judge’s ruling, Code outlines numerous examples of harassment and intimidation described by nine separate complainants. They include incidents of Korolekh “egging” homes, poisoning a neighbour’s plants, throwing gravel and stones, and even striking a male resident in the throat.

Neighbours further allege Korolekh is often “highly intoxicated” and blasts loud music at night. She is also known to climb walls and “stare inside of units for extended periods of time,” one claimed.

But the most frequent complaint against Korolekh is for offensive language. Multiple complainants describe her making racial slurs and “screaming obscenities, mostly about her disdain for homosexuals.”

In one affidavit, a neighbour described an encounter with Korolekh while in the company of his mother and daughter.

“As we were entering our unit, Korolekh yelled at us collectively, ‘You ugly Romanians,’ ‘f---you’ and other obscenities,” he wrote. “My daughter was 9 years old at the time.”

The condo board applied to have Korolekh removed from the townhouse complex on July 19, 2009, alleging she was in violation of section 117 of the Condominium Act, which prohibits residents from permitting or engaging in dangerous activity. They also said Korolekh failed to comply with an earlier request to stop her inappropriate conduct and remove her dog from the home.

On Friday, a number of residents expressed relief with the judge’s decision but most refused to speak on the record, citing fears of retribution.

“This community couldn’t be happier with the ruling,” said neighbour Robert Jerome in an email. “We were all terrorized by her, her vicious Rottweiler and her equally as nasty partner.”

Korolekh categorically denies any wrongdoing and laughed incredulously when told of the allegations made against her. She says she is the one who has been targeted with violence and racist remarks, not her neighbours.

The condo’s lawyers say they hope Korolekh will comply with the judge’s orders. But Korolekh insists she will fight to stay in her condo.

“At this point, I don’t really care,” she said. “I’ll keep trying.”

Jennifer Yang Staff Reporter