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This was brought to my attention this past summer, however I was a little slow to act on it. In part because I like to work a schedule that I call maintenance mode during July and August. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GET THE SHOPPING GENIE <<<--------- Let...

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LeadBooker Real Estate CRM

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Lead Generation | Posted on 28-09-2017

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The LeadBooker Real Estate CRM is designed to make Real Estate Professionals more efficient at follow-up and lead management.

There are a tremendous amount of built-in automation features designed to make Real Estate Professionals day to day lead management more effective. What makes this CRM so special is that it actually has been designed to encourage your leads to engage with you. SellingToolz Ltd.


Beware of the SEO Scammer

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page | Posted on 11-03-2016

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No one likes to be scammed... right? I know I sure don't and over the years  I've been pinched a few times by some smooth talking undesirable.

So I've included in this email a short video that illustrates an experience that is quite common if you have a website on the Internet today.

It is appropriately titled - Beware of the SEO Scammer.

What this clever individual or company does is email and try to suggest that you have some problems with your website. Of course if you're the type that is concerned about problems, they will automatically have your attention.

It is an easy scam to pull off because the vast majority of people do not have a clue if they do or do not have a problem that they should be concerned about.

I will illustrate in this short video how you can protect yourself from these Internet bandits to save you the agony of being separated from your hard-earned.

I am here to help,

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

New Canada Anti Spam Rules That Will Affect You

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page | Posted on 10-06-2014

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If you are Canadian, on July 1st there will be a new set of email rules that may affect you.

These rules are being set out by the federal government under a new Anti-Spam Legislation and should be taken seriously as penalties can be extreme, ranging into the millions. For a more in depth explanation follow the link below.


Where most of us will be focused is on the section, consent to send email. There are three general requirements for sending email to an electronic address. You need (1) consent, (2) identification information and (3) an unsubscribe mechanism. There are two types of consent – express and implied.

Express consent is having written or some other form of proof, implied can be deemed by the fact that you have sent to an address for years and have included proper identification and a removal option.

Where it gets interesting for people such as real estate agents or other sales professionals, is when someone gives you a business card. Yes... you are allowed to send the person email as long as it relates to their official business capacity. However, if they asked not to be included on any email list, sending to them could open the proverbial can of worms.

One of the safest ways to ensure you are on the right side of the law is to forward an email such as this to your entire email list explaining these current events, include your identification and an unsubscribe option to remove themselves from any future email.

What I do not favor about this type of law is email from computer driven, offshore senders which is often the bigger problem, will not be effected. However there are ways to deal with these senders, one of which I have included in the Post Script.


Because change in necessary,


James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.
1241 Beaverbrook Ave
London, ON


P.S. Here is a great tool that I have used to handle my spam email for the past couple years. What I like about it is that it generally gets rid of 100% of spam robot delivered email. It has a simple concept, a live person will get an email asking for confirmation, if they are not a live person you don't get the email. It is truly awesome!


Click Here To Get a 30 Day Spam Arrest Trial

Back to Page One on Google [The PROOF]

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page | Posted on 10-12-2012

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Getting to page one of Google can be a daunting task, especially at times when Google makes changes to their algorithms. However the truth is, almost anyone can do this by following the rules.

Being on page one of Google will definitely affect your businesses bottom line, whether you are trying attract and manage Internet leads, or sell products.

I went through Google’s updates called the Panda and Penguin and was bumped off page one. So I stepped back to look at why Google does what they do, knowing this will make an incredible difference in the way you build your website and therefore the cause and effect on your page rank and then of course your bottom line. Look at it this way, Google wants to reward you, not punish you. They simply want to have the best pages at the top of the search engines that make the experience for the end user as beneficial and rewarding as possible.

Makes sense doesn’t it? We have all had the experience of doing a Google search, where every page we clicked on was junk. That is why Google does what they do; they really want the searcher to be happy with their search results. Your job then is to create a website that does just that.

Before Penguin, Google released a series of algorithm updates called Panda, with the first appearing in February 2011. Panda aimed at down ranking websites that provided poor user experience. To identify such websites, a machine-learning algorithm by Navneet Panda was used, hence the name. The algorithm follows the logic by which Google’s human quality raters determine a website’s quality.
In January 2012, so-called page layout algorithm update was released, which targeted websites with little content above the fold. This is the part of the page that you see when you open you browser, hence below the fold is not viewable.

The strategic goal that Panda andPenguin aim for is to display higher quality websites at the top of Google’s search results. However, sites that were down ranked as the result of these updates have different sets of characteristics. The main target of Google Penguin is spamdexing (including link bombing).

Spamdexing is the repeating of phrases or keywords multiple times in a row, and link bombing is the purchasing links that are of low quality and have little or no relevance to your websites overall characteristics. These activities will get you penalized causing your web page rank to suffer. The secret is to build quality backlinks, using strategies that Google sees as appropriate, again this is super easy to do!

I have sites all over the Internet that are on page one of Google, as a matter of fact to prove it, if you watch this video. You will see that for one search term, I often have up to six websites that show up on page one of Google. How’s that for page rank domination!

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd. 

Real Estate Websites

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Lead Generation, Random | Posted on 23-02-2012


This great speaker slash trainer, wants to offer my real estate websites as a part of their real estate training… and quitereal estate websites sincerely I am faltered.

To present my products to the real estate agents that they work with they have asked me to create a logo of sorts to place on their website. So I did a quick search on the web to see what it would cost and how long the turn around time would be. The cost was not much – $5.00 to $20.00 and the time to create would be 2 to 5 days.

I then thought about tackling this little project myself, after all I to like these little creative techy challenges. As well I thought it might be a good story to share. It took me about an hour to crate this logo, remember this was my first attempt. I think with a little experience this time could be whittled down to 20 minutes. I would have had to spend at least an hour working with the design person anyway.

What I did was look around the net for some Royalty Free images. This is fairly easy,  just Google royalty free images or the keywords that you are focusing on and you will find plenty of images to choose from.

Then drag or download the image to your desktop and you will have what will become your background.

I use a great little piece of software called Snaggit and with this software you can do screen captures and with the built in tools add text. Once you have added your text you will save you work to your desktop. Voila, you are done.

If you are shrinking your image as I needed to do do for the purposes as adding it to a product page on a website.  You will need to save it so that your text will stay  in the order it was set up before you do your resizing. After the image has been saved to your desktop you will need to do another screen capture of your saved work and then you can resize the image to the required pixel size. In my case it was 150 x 150.

Real Estate Websites <<<< ------ CLICK HERE

Real Estate Websites and Lead Generation Strategies

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Lead Generation, Real Estate Training | Posted on 23-12-2011



Real Estate Websites, Lead Generation Strategies, Leads Management and Real Estate Training Systems...


We are a real estate agent website development and training company. Our primary focus is on what top Real Estate Professionals excel at,lead generation, lead conversion and relationship building.

My name is James Osmar, I became an active real estate agent in 1989 and went on to achieve some of the highest levels of sales in the industry.

Most of the goals that I had achieved were because of dedicated lead generation strategies combined with team building.

SellingToolz Ltd. was launched in 2006 because many of the old prospecting methods were becoming obsolete or negatively affected by legislation... and I simply wanted a change.  The way I viewed it, the Internet – when properly understood – offered the greatest cutting edge possibilities.

We first built Canada Referral and United States Referral, then the Red Hot Web Page, the Gold Rush Leads website, the Client Contact Blog, Market Mail Outs and finally our new flagship website the Performance Web Page - a real estate agents personal lead generation website.

This suite of websites includes personal web pages, low branded websites, a blogging web page and the referral directory, all necessary Internet tools to run your real estate sales business in today’s market.

Early on, our goal was to create a referral system for Real Estate Professionals that reached across all franchises. More importantly, the idea was to create a listing tool for Real Estate Professionals. A tool that would offer the ability to show sellers how well connected a real estate agent you were in the search for buyers and sellers moving in and out of your market.

This referral system was also designed to be used as a means for the agent to educate the buyer and seller about how to refer their friends and relatives to you. This is done by giving the buyer or seller the understanding that they will be talking about real estate more during the buying or selling of their home then any other time in their life. Therefore, meeting more people considering a move and then as the Real Estate Professional teaching them how to make the introduction.

Today we have grown to be a Real Estate Professional Resource Company with six real estate agent websites and several other buyer and seller lead generation tools. Giving Real Estate Professionals the ability to have a complete Internet marketing and lead generation system.

For the real estate agent that considers themselves technically challenged or simply wants to delegate this responsibility, we offer advanced training and a lead management system. Making sure that no Real Estate Agent gets left behind.


SellingToolz  <<<------- CLICK HERE TO LEAN MORE


Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Lead Generation, Real Estate Websites | Posted on 08-12-2011




Hi James Osmar here from - in this short video I want to show you an unannounced BONUS that will shape the way you go about marketing and prospecting real estate on the web!

 Managed Internet Leads

The BONUS being offered is a regular scheduled monthly backlink building program, designed to push your main website to Page 1 on Google – all for the grand total of FREE.

And when I say FREE… this really is FREE because the Real Estate Professionals that are currently using the Gold Rush Leads Page, with the Managed Internet Leads program, and many have been involved with the system for years… are just like you hearing about this amazing Bonus for the first time.

 Gold Rush Leads

What I will be talking about today will be about how to get your website(s) on Page 1 of Google, and there really are only two ways that you can do this. You will either have to set up a PPC ad campaign or you must build your website with an aggressive onsite and offsite keyword rich strategy to achieve Page 1 Organic Search Engine position

Black Friday – no pepper spray here

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Lead Generation | Posted on 01-12-2011


OK, your a good Real Estate Agent right!

Then you know the the market will be winding down until about the second week in January. This does not mean that you will not see any new business. As a matter of fact, if a buyer is out looking or a seller wants to sell, they probably have some serious motivation.

On that note, if you want to kick start 2012, then get set up on the Internet properly now while you have some downtime. I am going to nudge you with a little motivation, here is a special coupon just type this into the coupon field on the order page.


This attached coupon will save you $200.00 off the set up fee. This means that you can get yourself an entire suite of websites. They will enable you to target all the different Internet niches that you will need to target, if you want to make a big splash in 2012.

It's no secret, today you can't survive with just one measly under performing website that has no lead generation technology. These websites are designed to generate leads, they are enabled with video and lead capture, can be used with Google and Bing, they are a great tool for getting your clients to give you referrals, and they kick ass on KIJIJI and craigslist.

This is your coupon and it's valid for 7 Days, after that don't bug me for a discount. Simply type in SETUPSAVER and you will get six different websites for only $49.99 a month x 12.

And if you don't now what you are doing with this stuff, or want to improve on what you already know, get the training while your are at it!

I Love What I Do,

James Osmar

SellingToolz Ltd.

1241 Beaverbrook Ave.
London, ON
Sales    800-409-9850

P.S. Learn how to drive 1000's of visitors to your websites. This is a free Training Course, the Members area is included in this offer.

P.P.S. If you think that you are to old to do this, just remember Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, if Steve was stillhere would be 56 years old this year.

Real Estate Training – Search Engine Optimization

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Real Estate Training, Real Estate Websites | Posted on 24-02-2011

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Search Engine Optimization                                                                                                                                                        search engine optimization

Real Estate Training in the area of search engine optimization (SEO) is almost none existent, at least it was until now.

The most obvious reason is that working on your website for the purpose of getting it to the top of the search engines has its obvious challenges. The learning curve is somewhat of an unknown to the average person, therefore it appears to be to difficult and the people that offer to do this for you want an arm and a leg for their service.

What I really find interesting is that it took me few months to figure it out, but the actual work to getting my websites to the top of the search engines is rather minimal once you learn the secrets. That is if your website has the proper design and is built with this SEO as one of its priorities. Check out the link for London Ontario Real Estate in this article and you will see one of our websites built to achieve this goal.

In our real estate training program aptly named the Commission Gusher Advanced Training, we teach this so that real estate agents so that they can do this on their own, or they will know how to hire someone to do it for them without being taken advantage of. As I said companies that do this want an arm and a leg, prices that I have been quoted range from $300.00 to $600.00 a month and the want a four to six month commitment.

One agent on the call that is attached to this post even talks of a company that quoted him $2,500.00 a month.

We on the other hand include this in the training and the entire training costs a fraction of what you would pay an SEO specialist.

Click on the link below to listen to the February 22nd Conference Call where we discuss how you can get your website to page one on Google.

Search Engine Optimization <<<<------ Click Here

We build three such pages and have been doing this with great success for all of our websites that we use to market our products. However that does not help real estate agents see the value as well as looking at a website that is on page one of Google, in a major market for an important search term, so we decided to show you the proof.

Here are a couple examples of one of our websites being on page one for such a search, Google "London Ontario Real Estate" and you will see in #4 postion for this term.

The other search term you can check out is London Ontario Real Estate MLS for the website London Ontario Real Estate and you will see that this website is also on page one of Google.

We have over twenty number one page positions on Google for many of our sites all over the Internet and decided to show you how it is done!

Real Estate Blogs – Search Engine Ranking and Anchor Text

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 14-01-2011

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Real Estate Blogs

Do you know that when you make a comment on someone else's blog post      Real Estate Professionals
and add your URL, you will have created a link to your website giving it
a higher value in the search engines?

Links pointing to your website from another site are great!! They are called back links, and one way do follow links are considered to be one of the best ways to get your site better ranking.

If your website is new and you make a blog post with your domain link attached, this will very likely cause your site to get indexed faster. What this means is that you will see your web page in the search engines sooner. This happens because the search engines will find your site through this previously indexed blog that you are posting to, causing your site be index... cool! You can also do this by making comments on Twitter or Delicious and adding your link there.

Make sure that when you post comments your web page link is attached, and when posting to a blog be sure that the comments are relevant to the post that you are submitting to or they may not be considered worth approving on that site.

If you have your own blog and you should have a blog with a unique domain name, this is where things get real interesting... Research some keywords before you write your blog post and be sure to add these keywords to your article. You can use Google's keyword tool to find relevant keywords or keyword phrases for your service, product or market.

To get your website to rank higher in the search engines, turn the keywords in your blog article into a hyper link; this is called adding anchor text to your post. You are now creating a very strong relationship between these keywords and your website... the search engines love this and the more often you do it, the more relevant your website will become with your chosen keywords. Your blog now has your selected keyword anchor text pointing to your website; being able to create a back link is one very important reason to have your website and your blog setup with separate domains.

Let's learn by example, say your business offers lead generation real estate agent websites, which ours does. You can see how I added into this article the keywords "lead generation" and real estate websites, two very good keyword phrases for my business. Most article editors have an "insert link" feature, making it easy to work at pushing your website higher in the search engines simply by choosing to highlight your selected keyword phrase; you then add your link... which is your URL or domain name. This will enable you to gain an associated relevance to these keywords.

I would suggest if your article is short you should limit the number of links, as you are dividing the keyword strength by the number of links inserted into to the article. Therefore diminishing the value by the number of links added, in this case of adding links more is not always better. This is especially critical if you are pulling strength away from other more significant keywords that you might be attempting to rank high for.

There are many ways to improve your search engine ranking, one of the keys tips to remember is that Google and Yahoo are the top two search engines and they love content, so make sure your site is full of new and interesting, keyword rich copy. Do your research and share what you know, post to blogs and articles sites with unique, original content and if your post gets picked up and goes viral... it might just be what it takes to push your website to page one in the search engines.

Watch for more great tips to come.

James Osmar

Real Estate Websites and Training

SellingToolz Ltd.