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BUYER BEWARE of the Chinese company called

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Random | Posted on 14-05-2010

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I want to tell you a buyer beware story about a company located in China called

I had a Real Estate Professional send me a link to a Chinese company website for electronics the other day, saying it was a great supply company.

I was intrigued by the prices, about 25% of the value we would pay here, maybe 50% after duties.

So I put down a very small down payment in order to test and see if our Chinese friends were legitimate.

It was worth the education to watch them wiggle and lie from the get go in order to try and rip me off.

They try to get you to pay the entire purchase price but will negotiate a down payment.

They accept your down payment and then they tell you they can not get you a tracking number because of the Chinese Expo. They say they can not use Pay Pal as they have to many loopholes and they can get ripped off, so they want you to use Western Union.

Western Union will straight out tell you not to send the money to them, as they seem to know these companies are scams.

Then these companies want you to send more money to cover duty... anyone that has every done international shipping knows you do this at the time your package arrives not in advance.

Then they tell you you need to pay the total amount to get the product.

Now I did not fall for any of this, I wanted to see just how far they would go.

The name of this company is The sites will change names and they do look rather professional, so do not be fooled. I did this as a test because I had a Real Estate agent send this to me in good faith and I do not want to see anyone get serciously ripped off.

Beware of the Chinese scam websites, there are a lot of them and they are nimble and seem to be able to change on the fly.

The way to protect yourself is to buy from a company that offers insurance and one that is set up with Pay Pal.

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