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Are You a Serious Real Estate Professional, or Are You Playing House?

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles | Posted on 18-10-2009

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Not all Real Estate Professionals take the business of selling to the level of a superstar and not all agents want to.

This is one of the best things about selling, you get to work as hard or as little  as you want. The trick is to get the tools that enable you to work at your level the most affective way possible.

How many deals do you want to do a year?

Whatever your level, from newbie to superstar you need to have a formula that will establish the number of deals or income you want.

For example...

Number calls = appointments = contracts signed = sales

Number of dials, door knocks, = appointments = contracts signed = sales

Number of, fliers, direct mail pieces, newspaper ads, magazine ads = leads = appointments = contracts singed = sales

You get it?... right.

Now add in how much time was spent and you have a net dollar per hour, day week, month and year spread sheet.

It does not matter how many deals you want as your goal. However, it is necessary to have systems in place that are measurable.

Your next step is to figure out where the largest number of untapped leads are and today unlike past times that is easy.

The reason it is so easy is because we have so many information sources like the National Association of Real Estate Professionals doing the research for us.

When they do all the work and give us valuable data, such as 96% of all people now go to the Internet to start their home search and 75% of them pick the first agent they meet. It seems pretty obvious that we should be looking to the Internet as our main source of leads.

To get the easy leads we need a system that will intercept these buyers and sellers before they meet another agent... Right!

It is also stated that only 7% of people go to newspapers to find a home. It would seem obvious that unless you have a system calculating the success of that paper you might want to ditch it.

There is a small window of opportunity here to get your own Internet lead trap. A system that will get you right to the source of leads that are there looking for Real Estate Professionals and looking for homes.

It is the Commission Gusher System and it is cheap! You have until October 28th before the price goes up.

Real Estate Agent Training

You will have 30 days to take it for a test drive and see for yourself just how easy it it to get leads from the Internet.

The Gold Rush Leads non Branded Opt-in Page is bar far and away the easiest way to meet new buyers and sellers.

The Red Hot Web Page is your lead generating personal web page. Strategic design, enhanced with video and self editing.

There's a lot more that comes with the system and these links will get you there.

To your online success,

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

Real Estate Agent Training
1241 BeaverBrook Ave
London, CA

P.S. Click her to join our next Conference Training call giving you ideas how you can get the easy leads that are out there today. Wednesday, October 21st at 2:00 pm.


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