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What is Your Teachability Index?

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Random | Posted on 28-09-2011

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Kevin Trudeau

I am just sitting down listing to a CD series by Kevin Trudeau, Your Wish is Your Command. On one of the first CD's he is discussing a very interesting topic about your teachability index.

He has askled a very simple and direct question. What is your teachability index?

This refers to your ability to learn, and your willingness to accept change. If you are not willing to learn and change, you have what is considered to be a low teachability index. If you have a strong desire to learn and are willing to accept change, than you have what is considered to be high teachability index.

In other words, a low teachability index means that you are stuck and you will remain doing what it is that you are doing. In order to move forward, you must have a high teachability index… a desire for knowledge and change.

If you have a high teachability index and are willing to change you might want this crazy giveaway. Kevin is offering this course for only the cost of shipping. $20.00 is all he is asking, the set includes 14 CD's that were recorded over two days somewhere in the Alps, where group paid $10,000.00 a person to attend a two day event.

I just did a quick Google search and there are prices up to $400.00 posted on various websites, so if you are interested, follow this link. After listening to the first two CD's on this set, I am suggesting that you jump all over this, as it suggests that it is a limited time offer.

Your Wish is Your Command <<<<---------- CLICK HERE


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