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ViVideo Editing Software – Powerful and Inexpensive

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Random, Real Estate Videos | Posted on 30-11-2011


Prospecting With VideoI have just downloaded a very interesting video editing software call ViVideo, it was only $23.99 after an emailed 40% discount. The attached link will save you $16.00. Because I was emailed the special discount link and it is not posted on the site, I have included it here.Check it out...




You might ask why I would post this... That's easy, the software is simple and easy to use, the thing that I like most is that it works on both a Mac and a PC, and I love my MAC.

However, because most people have a PC it makes it hard to teach people how to do special things with video if they do to have the same software. And I don't mind teaching, if the student gets a benefit.

I do not know how long the discount is on for, but at $23.99 just do it!

Oh, and one last thing, I'm not making a penny on this...

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