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Woman accused of terrorizing neighbours ordered by judge to sell her c

. . For years, Natalia Korolekh is alleged to have terrorized her neighbours with violence, racial insults and a massive Rottweiler that is “a constant source of fear.” In her tony, 30-unit townhouse complex in downtown Toronto, Korolekh is...

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Video Camera Selection

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Videos, Real Estate Websites | Posted on 03-12-2008

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This short video will help you to make a selection for a low to mid range video camera. If you intend on getting into the online video experience, this will give you that jump start on your video real estate career. Hopfully this will help you make the right camera selection.

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Hi David, if you like YouTube you will like this new Red Hot Web Page… it is built around a copy and paste technique where you can easily post up to 5 YouTube video’s on your own site.

By sending your clients to your own page you have a greater ability to promote all if your other services and sellers homes.

As well as not loose them into the http://WWW...

I have one strategy that I will be posting here on this site that shows you how to get your sellers to prospect for you. And literally send 100’s if not 1000’s of visitors to your web page.


PS. I noticed that your web page link was not on YouTube, it’s a helpful way to drive visitors to your site.

Wonderful to see you in the video production business. This helps drive business to the websites and permits Vendors to have a look at you before you actually meet.

I have taken steps in the same direction adding videos by topic;

Continued Success!

David Pylyp
Elegant Homes in West Toronto