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Telephone Prospecting The Easy Way – How To Warm Call

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 17-11-2008

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We all know that prospecting for buyers and sellers is essential to the success of any good salesperson, the problem is that we all seem to chase the same carrot. I believe that there are easy ways to go about this sometimes daunting task, and there are hard ways.

My team and I met recently and because the holiday season is upon us I gave them what I think is the easiest telephone technique in building their business that I know of. This suggestion in my opinion is a golden nugget and it is based on building your direct contact business and your referral business.

Many of the people that I have worked with over the years are timid when it comes to getting on the phone to look for business, this is something that pretty much all salespeople can relate too.

These fears prompted me to think of ways to get people to work on their business using methods that get people around these fear tendencies. As I mentioned, at this time it just so happens to be the holiday season, however this technique can be used many other times of the year and be just as effective.

This nugget involves putting together a list of every person that you know, with the intent to call them and wish them a Happy Holiday and to verify their mailing information so that they can mail out a holiday greeting card. No one will be upset that they are going to be getting card from you.

While you have them on the phone, ask if their email address is handy and be sure to close off the conversation by asking them to pass along your name to anyone that they might know who will be selling in the new year. By pushing out this suggestion to the new year, you will not be looked upon as being a pushy salesperson.

Each month this column will be added to as I suggest to my team how to go about getting in front of their clients in a friendly way.

James Osmar

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