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You are a serious Real Estate Professional or maybe you are just starting out... Whatever, this new website technology is going to rock your real estate world. The price and value will literally blow you away!! You won't be paying the huge sums...

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Three Websites For the Price of One

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Websites | Posted on 23-11-2008

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We have just started and are expected to have the migration of the web page competed and converted over to the new name today. The name of the system will now be

We are hoping to have the Beta version for release this week... Keep your fingers crossed...

§ Build your own Red Hot Web Page in 15 minutes, specially designed for speed and efficiency, while still maintaining a high quality, unique look…

§ Quickly add up to 5 YouTube Videos to your website Studies show that video keeps visitors on your web page on average of four times longer.

§ Featuring 26 Lead Capturing links to your pre written Special Reports and favorite websites… we have done all the hard work for you

§ Select from 24 main color themes… it does not matter what company or franchise your work for, there is a unique color design for everyone. And you can change them as often as you want to

§ You also get the “Recession Busting Bundle”, three Real Estate Internet selling tools for the price of one… Included with the Red Hot Web Page will be Canada and United States Referral and either of the listing tools Canada Private or USA Private Sellers.

Check out the beta test link