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Be Sure of Who is Following You on Twitter…

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Social Traffic Maker | Posted on 28-01-2011

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Who is Following You on Twitter…                                                                                                                                                                      spy on twitter

I have been on Twitter a couple of years and until recently I have not found much value in it, at least for real estate agents. I discuss this in an article that I about “Marketing Estate Website - Twitter and Facebook Make Poor Selling Tools”. I did manage to find a value for Twitter and it involves getting your real estate websites indexed faster; however that is not the focus here.

One of my irritating little complaints about Twitter was that you were never too sure who was or was not following you. Not that I am concerned about stalker or other warped types of follows. But I could see when browsing through Twitter profiles that some people would follow you so that you would reciprocate and then some of these individuals would un-follow you. I know this to be true because I do reciprocal follows, if someone follows me I follow back. Well I could see my follow list shrinking and I wanted to know why.

Well there are individuals out there that are ego driven, yes even on Twitter the all important ego comes into play. What they want to do is have this large follower list and at the same time have a small follow list, they do this so that they look real important… are you impressed? They will follow others to gain the reciprocal follow and after some time has passed they will delete those people following them. Now they always keep a few important names on their follow list, usually others with small follow lists, because again they feel real important.

Until now it has been very difficult to figure out who was or was not following you, because you would have to scrap through an individual’s followers to see if you were on their list and this would be near impossible. There is now a tool that will search through all of the people that you are following and will tell you if any have dropped you from their follow list. It is a web based application and it works very fast. The tedious part is going through and having to delete these slippery Tweeters one at a time. However once you have your list all straightened away it is easy to maintain.

I don’t like getting tricked unless it is all about having some good clean fun. So when I find a tool that rids my list of diabolical self serving Tweeters… I for one love giving these Twits the boot. This is the tool… Happy Twitter Twatting!

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This internet tool is not mine; however I do find it useful...

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