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Get Your Domain Name On Everything

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page | Posted on 14-01-2009

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

It always surprises me when I see real estate signs, Real Estate Professionals business cards and especially when I see real estate agent advertising and there is no personal domain or website address promoting the Real Estate Professional that is responsible for the advertisement. As a part of your strategic selling, if you want to get the most out of your advertising; your personal website should be on everything that is relative to your real estate business, from lawn signs to billboards. This is real estate prospecting made easy.

101 “Interesting” Ways to start your Direct Mail

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles | Posted on 14-01-2009

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Ray Jutkins is an International Professional Speaker and Marketing Consultant

101 "Interesting" ; Ways to start your Direct Mail


Letter openings

Starting to write anything is tough.

Starting direct mail letters can be more than can be horrible!

I know. I write a lot of them.

The opening line is so, so critical.

Good friend Phil Slater, Manager of the Direct Marketing Centres that operate as a part of New Zealand Post, put together his list of favorite direct mail letter openings. That got me watching my mail box.

I've selected 101 "interesting" openings from the wide variety of direct mail arriving on my desk.

Before I begin, a couple of thoughts:

... the opening paragraph should be short... keep it to 11 words. And absolutely no more than 17!

When you follow this simple principle, you'll be more likely to be read. And understood.

...the second paragraph is equally important... a max of 50 words. If you get your reader to read 50 words, you will get them to read 500.

Slip them into your message with short opening paragraphs. is my list of 101 "interesting" direct mail openings:

  1. As a member in good standing...
  2. You may now enjoy...
  3. How much time and effort do you spend on...
  4. Ask 10 people what _____ means to them, and....
  5. I'm writing to tell you about...
  6. I know _____ will build your business.
  7. Next week is the last week for you to receive...
  8. There's one reason for accepting...
  9. Would answers to any of these questions...
  10. How to fight the high cost of ____
  11. This letter is going to be short and to the point.
  12. It's true: _______ helped me...
  13. The first time I used ____ I earned (learned, saved, made, enjoyed, ... ) _________
  14. ______ is a proven resource for raising money.
  15. This report will update you on....
  16. There are few sights more beautiful than a ...
  17. Before you read another word...please take a moment to look at ___________
  18. If you love _____, this is for you: _______
  19. Just like stop signs, fire hydrants, watermelons, cherries, and hearts, this touch of red instantly identifies...
  20. I'm pleased to inform you of a very special offer reserved in your name.
  21. I'm pleased to inform you of ....
  22. If you're like me, you have less time than ever!
  23. If you're like me, you have . . .
  24. What do you do when you need . . .
  25. On Thursday, April 6 an important event will take place.
  26. Thank you for placing your trust in us.
  27. It is my privilege to invite you to . . .
  28. We agree that . . .
  29. Your interest in .... reveals something important about you: ________________________
  30. Stop for a moment!
  31. Do these situations sound familiar: _____________
  32. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will!
  33. The Chairman of the Board asked...
  34. I invite you to accept membership in...
  35. Last week something happened to affect your business.
  36. If you've put off ______, now is the time.
  37. When the government shows up at your office, what will you do?
  38. You have 5 minutes to convince the Board they should say "Yes!".
  39. As you can imagine...
  40. It is my personal pleasure to ...
  42. Beginning May 1 . . .
  43. WELCOME!
  44. Your work is vitally important!
  45. You've been selected to receive...
  46. As a member of . . .
  47. You are cordially invited to...
  48. We're pleased to offer you...
  49. I'm pleased to offer you...
  50. I never thought of our industry as a political target.
  51. If you find the art of personal self-improvement (fill-in your service here) useful, you'll be fascinated by this story.
  52. This is your invitation to become a member of ...
  53. I'm writing you today as a mother (or father).
  54. I'm writing you today as a friend.
  55. As you're reading this letter, the anti-forces are...
  56. People take their chances when they go out these days.
  57. When we checked our records, we hadn't received your reply.
  58. There are a dozen good reasons I could give you for ...
  59. You'd think that after all the years we've spent working with ...
  60. I tried to call you the other day about.
  61. I'm writing to you because this news can make a difference.
  62. You really can live the life of your dreams.
  63. Imagine inner peace. Joy. Harmony.
  64. Imagine. . .
  65. _______ is now available to meet your needs.
  66. Please let me tell you quickly about ...
  67. I know we'd miss you. I'd like to think there's a chance you might miss us.
  68. Have you been invited recently to participate in ...
  69. Exciting? Sure it is!
  70. This is a difficult letter for me to write.
  71. You can actually save money on ...
  72. It's a real pleasure to invite you...
  73. Are you dissatisfied?
  74. Are you disappointed?
  75. Your clients look to you for...
  76. A few weeks ago I sent you...
  77. The marketplace is as tough as it has ever been.
  78. There's a very good reason when someone like you has earned the right to ______
  79. Do you want to _____?
  80. You're constantly trying to . . .
  81. Okay, I know you get a lot of letters that promise you a bundle...and then ask you to sign your life away in return. This letter is different.
  82. This letter is different.
  83. This is the last time I will be able to write you.
  84. Would you like to save _____?
  85. We're pleased to tell you as a good customer of ______ you are regarded as someone special.
  86. Has this ever happened to you? ________________
  87. Over a million people can't be wrong!
  88. First, you have to have a dream.
  89. How would you like to be featured in ....
  90. How would you like to have your pet featured in ...
  91. Good News!
  92. Your name appears on a list of ______
  93. When you ordered ______ 7 years ago, you joined our family.
  94. They say everybody likes to talk about the weather...but nobody ever does anything about it. Not so here!
  95. You're a very busy person, so I'll be brief.
  96. Prepare yourself for more than a few pleasant surprises.
  97. Have you ever wasted valuable time giving your pitch to the wrong person?
  98. I want to give you, absolutely FREE!, _________
  99. Here's your chance to grab ( to enjoy, to earn, to make, to save, to learn, to gain, to win, to buy, to _____)
  100. If you love _____, you'll love ____!
  101. Thank you!
  102. I can't imagine anyone not taking advantage of this risk-free opportunity.
  103. It happens a lot.
  104. Now you can discover the critical facts and key issues...
  105. Now you can discover ...
  106. Seeing is believing
  107. If you've never studied a Picasso - up close...why not make this your year to do it?
  108. You read about it. Now do something about it.

Because of my interest in strategic selling,  I am always looking for great stuff to post here and when I read this article... well it literally speaks for itself. As you know, the ability to promote yourself and articulate your thoughts can be a valuable asset in is well worth learning.

Just in case you did not notice, the title says 101 interesting ways... when in fact there are 108 interesting ways...

James Osmar

Client Referral Tips 4 – 7

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Professional Referral Tips | Posted on 13-01-2009

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Never make the assumption that the person you are talking to would not want to work with and refer to you. If they do not want your service today, they might want it tomorrow.

Develop a card system, the best results come when they are hand written.

Provide address change letters with your brand association on the material.

Evaluate why your customer wants to do work with you and give them more then they expect.

Mail all of your clients a fridge magnet at least once every two years.

Remember, we are in a people business to expand your Real Estate Professional referral business.

Go to or

Thank your customers that give referrals will become more loyal to you because of this public statement, so it is important to remember to treat them right, if you forget about them they will vanish.

Send your clients an anniversary card each year on the date of their home purchase.

Hand written cards and envelopes should be sent to all of your clients as often as you can.

When is the last time you through a hand addressed envelope in the trash before opening it.

Think of as many reasons that you can to contact your clients on unique and personal dates for unique and personal reasons.

Find out why your clients called you or referred you, and then give them more of the same.

Ask for your client’s birthday, if you mail a birthday card to the client on their birthday, it might not make that much of an impression the first year but you can rest assured that it will as the yeas role on.

In Front of the Camera

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Videos | Posted on 12-01-2009

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

The first 20 seconds is the hardest... after that it's easy selling. As a Real Estate Professional all you have to try to do is put yourself in the same frame of mind that you would be at a listing presentation. Or, when you you are on the phone prospecting. Selling real estate via video is a natural... it is another great strategic selling tool

Prospecting for Referrals

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Referrals | Posted on 05-01-2009

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

Real estate agents almost never know how to prospect for referrals. As a Real Estate Professional for over 20 years I have watched real estate agents for the greater part sit quietly on their hands waiting for their broker to hand them a referral. This short video will show you how easy it is to look for and how to ask for referrals from other Real Estate Professionals, buyers, sellers and you associates in related real estate businesses. The is just one of the many tools in the Strategic Selling Tools bundle.

Canada Referral

United States Referral

Private Seller – Your in the House

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Private Sellers | Posted on 30-12-2008

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

Your in the house, this is when you start to apply your craft and figure out why the sellers are moving. As a Real Estate Professional if you are ever going to be success full working in the Private Seller market, then you better find a handful of great questions to ask the Private Seller. Questions that are not making you look like a listing hungry real estate agent.

Selling – Using Toll Free Numbers

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles | Posted on 24-12-2008

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One of the best selling tools that I have used is a phone number capturing system that enables people to request information 24/7, and today you are able to get them at fire sale prices.

When this system is used, not only do you increase the number of calls that are generated from your listings and reports, you are providing a valuable service to your customer.

It only stands to reason, that the person that is accessing information in our world of convenience will want immediate gratification. If you are not offering this quick and easy access you are missing the mother load of potential leads.

An additional advantage to this technique is that you can dramatically cut down on your work load. Your clients qualify themselves, you do not have to spend additional time on the phone trying to get a name and a number and you get to call back better prepared for the call. However, I can not stress this enough, you will most certainly increase the number of calls you will get and therefore the number of sales you can make.

I have used these systems for over 15 years and what I have discovered to be the most important aspect to increasing the number of quality buyers and sellers, is to return the calls ASAP. If you can return a call in a matter of minutes to an hour, I have found that you will increase the likelihood of developing a client relationship dramatically. At one time my team returned the calls over the course of days and even weeks, the conversion rate was dismal in comparison to returning calls in minutes to an hour…. Literally the results blew me away.

Just think about it for a minute, if you can return a call ASAP where the prospect has the information fresh on their mind they will be much more willing to talk about their interests. In a nut shell this makes your job a whole lot easier and much more satisfying.

With telephone rates dropping to such low rates over the recent past, there is no excuse for you not to have this tool in your business.

For more information go to

Private Seller Objections

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Private Sellers | Posted on 21-12-2008

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

As a Real Estate Professional you will have to negotiate your commission with almost every private seller that considers listing their real estate with you.

Real Estate Professionals Red Hot Web Page

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Websites | Posted on 18-12-2008

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.


The EASY TO USE Real Estate Professionals® website Builder, enables you to add up to 5 Videos, featuring 26 Links to your Special Reports and your Favorite web pages, plus you can randomly choose from 24 unique Color Themes.

Loaded Full of Promotional Tools and designed specifically for the busy Real Estate Agent Discover how you can win the attention of your buyers and sellers Gain their TRUST and inspire ACTION using your own ONLINE Videos!!

Get on the early bird list today

Real Estate Professionals® website


Networking and Referrals

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Referrals, Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 17-12-2008

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

The best way to expand your real estate referral business is to join a group of Real Estate Professionals that want to do the same. The referral system must be efficient in that you can find an agent when needed and where needed. There must be a social system that allows for Real Estate Professionals to meet and communicate with each other on the Internet.

These links will do just that.