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Real Estate Referral Tool For Your Buyer and Seller Presentation

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Referrals | Posted on 07-03-2011

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Real Estate Referrals                                                                                                                         Referral Program

This is a great referral tool for real estate agents to use when you are in the middle of your buyer or listing presentation. Note how I said the middle, not the beginning and not the end.

You want to bring up the conversation about referrals in the middle of your presentation because this is when you will have the sellers undivided attention. Knowing how to use this tool will enable you to train every seller about he value of introducing you to all of the buyers and sellers they meet.

The script and prop are easy to use and they will get you referrals if you take the small amount if time to learn it and then impliment it into your presentation. You must learn to do this because your sellers will be talking about real estate more than any other time of their life and they will therfore be meeting more buyers and sellers then they every have before.

It all starts with your personal Canada or United States Referral profile picture.

Click here to see an example ---->>>> Referral Profile Photo

You take your profile picture and add it to your presentation so that you can show the seller how you belong to one of the largest real estate agent referral networks in all of United States and Canada and one of the good things is that it works across all franchises.

The reason you belong to it is that you want to meet as many buyers as you can before they move into  your market and meet another agent or buy another house.

Now is your chance as a Real Estate Professional to educate them on why they should introduce you to the people that they meet that are also looking at buying or selling. These sellers will be talking more about real estate than any other time in their life and just like when they bought their new car and started seeing it everywhere, they will be running into other buyers and seller that are also looking at moving.

Now as a Real Estate Professional this is a group of people that you would like to meet because it is and important part of your networking and finding new buyers and sellers with the plan that one of them could very likely be a match for their home.

Click here to see the ----->>>> Referral Script

Remember...  nothing takes place until you take action.

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.