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Your Virtual Marketing Mix and Your Web Page

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles | Posted on 06-09-2009

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A recent survey by the National Association of
Real Estate Professionals (NAR) indicates that 96% of
buyers and sellers start their search on the
Internet and 75% pick the first agent they meet.

Unfortunately most Real Estate Professional's don't have a clue
how to tap into this "virtual goldmine"... I do!

Would you like to?

I have not seen one agent that is doing it right. I
have only seen a few that are doing it OK.

This is your last chance to get this lead sucking
web page and the referral directory at this
ridiculously low price.

No exceptions... watch the video and you will
see how to get your website into the top of
Google and YouTube. It's real easy!

New video -

Because we are adding new lead generating
tools to our virtual marketing bundle. This will
be your last chance to get these current  tools
before we restructure our product line and raise
the price.

Get them now and you will be grandfathered.
You will also be able to upgrade without having
to pay the setup fee when we launch our new line
in a few weeks.

The new tools will be a non Branded Opt in Page
used with Google and our Client Contact Blog
used for the 97% of your clients that are not
buying for the next several years.

If you are not happy I will give you your investment
back, no questions asked.

You see, I sold real estate for 20 years and I got
tired of all the garbage that was tossed our
way. Stuff designed by people that simply did
not know how to build a list.

By the way... I sold mine for a million dollars!

So I went out on a limb and for the last three years
and built a series of lead generating tools that act
like a bear trap wrapped in fly paper. These tools
are strategically designed to get you tons of leads.

That sounds good... Doesn't it?

I was getting so many leads with these systems
that I literally had to throw out thousands
because my team could not keep up.

With a small investment of your time I can show
you how to sell like I did, moving over 150
properties a year... Working part time... Seriously!

I would like to teach you how to have this problem.
As an additional reason to act now, when we release
our advanced Commission Gusher program coming
out next month. It will be discounted for anyone that
has any of our lead generating tools.

To your success,

James Osmar
1241 Beaverbrook Ave.
London, CA

P.S. You were told! The last time we raised the cost
of this investment and did not tell everyone, I got
yelled at. So click on the link and watch the video to
see what you will be missing.

Gold Rush Leads …

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Articles | Posted on 31-08-2009

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This is a special invitation to owners of the Red
 Hot Web Page to try out and be trained on how
 to use the new Gold Rush Leads System. 

 You may be aware that we have been busy
 working on our new non Branded Opt in Page.
 We  need a small group of people to work with
 the beta version before we go public. 

 I will want feedback for improvements and video
 or audio testimonials. There will be no cost to
 you and I will give you the basic training and help
 you get set up on your way. 

 What's in it for you besides the training? 

 Well I know other companies are charging almost
 $1000.00 to set you up. 

 If after a couple of weeks you decide to keep the
 system,  we will waive the set up fee and you will
 only have to pay about $11.00 a month to upgrade
 for all of these 4 websites. 

 I will also answer any questions about the Red
 Hot Web Page on the conference call and show
 you how to use it to get more leads. 

 The price will increase dramatically in a month or
 so but you will be grandfathered. 

 The non Branded System... 

 This is a strategically designed 3 step opt in
 system that the visitor sees as an offer to view
 listings without the trouble of using an agent,
 hence... The non Branded Opt in. 

 This system dramatically increases your leads
 when working with Google and Yahoo Pay Per
 Click Ads. This is because it is designed to give
 the visitor limited choices. Unlike your web page
 which gives the visitor multiple choices, making it
 a surfing page. 

 Google is now the most sophisticated direct
 response advertising system ever developed since
 the dawn of advertising. 

 NAR now states that 96% of all buyers and sellers
 start their search on the Internet and 75% work
 with the first agent they meet, this is far to
 important to ignore. 

 The time to get on this is now as NAR also states
 that 88% of agents are still trying to get their
 business using old out of date methods. And the
 agents using the Internet are for the greater part
 doing it wrong. 


 On the first page, they fill out the area they are
 looking in, the second step asks for their home
 of choice and the third gets them to give you their
 contact information. 

 It is the baby step method and will dramatically
 increase your opt in rate.... Translation, the
 number of leads that you will get. 

 We have designed this three step system in a way
 similar to how politicians, religious leaders and
 professional speakers around the world motivate
 you and have adapted this to the Internet. 


 Let me know soon, simply hit reply and I will inform
 you of the next step that we will take and send you
 the link to get started. 

 I will do the training on a conference call after I get
 confirmation from the group and work around the
 late August holiday season. 

 All the best, 

 James Osmar

 P.S. If you do not have your own domain name on
 your Red Hot Web Page, do it now and if it is not
 at a company that we support then get your domain
 name transferred here so that we can help you out.
 Or go to your Manage Domain Names in your Red
 Hot Admin area. 

 P.P.S. When I was working my systems, I was
 literally throwing out thousands of leads. Because
 my team was unable to keep up. 

 P.P.S. I will not be making this offer again! If used
 correctly this system will make you thousands of