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Real Estate Blogging

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 06-01-2011

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Real Estate Blogging  - Real Estate Training                                                                       

You can learn to effectively communicate with your clients by getting knowledge from real estate training. Effective communication requires an inexpensive and easy means of keeping in touch with your clients. Currently, the most effective means of communication with clients is through the internet. As a Real Estate Professional if you do not have a lead generation website and a personal blog, you are certainly leaving deals on the table.

There are tried and tested methods you can use in order to achieve success in internet marketing. Such training is essential in ensuring that you not only have a presence online, but also earn revenue from your lead generation website and maintain contact with your real estate blog.

The Commission Gusher Advanced Real Estate Training program is designed to offer Real Estate Professional training in internet marketing, lead generation, lead conversation, and relationship building. One of the basic and advanced lessons you will learn from this comprehensive program include:

Real Estate Blogging

-          The proper manner in which to place yourself in the eyes of the client. Clients are constantly inundated with salespeople and do not want another sales pitch. Your website is for sales your blog must be focused on giving education, current news and facts to users. You will learn to think like an expert so your site becomes a source of credible and reliable information for clients.

-          Cheap and effective means of communicating and keeping tabs with your clients. Real estate blogs and websites are the easiest means by which you can communicate with clients. Direct mail is useful but has become costly and cumbersome to prepare. It is still used in real estate correspondence and should still be an integral part of your overall strategy. Only, in today’s market it can be scaled back 75% to even 100% with the proper implementation of online marketing strategies. Use of the telephone is essential; however its use can be dramatically enhanced when properly synced with smart timely internet marketing strategies.

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-          There are many easy ways of conducting research and accumulating resources that will add value to your real estate blog. Value translates to search engine optimization which is crucial to the success of your online marketing campaign. You will see first hand how your blog can be used to drive your websites high in the search engines. Basically, it involves having great content and good keywords on your site, having “back links” that point to your personal website and only your real estate blog will offer this overall flexibility to increase your PR or page rank.

-          Ways and means by which to reduce the overall cost of mailing and advertising to clients. This will entail the use of email marketing through your real estate blogs. A well written email sent to clients will only be a few short sentences long sufficient to express yourself or make your offer linking your clients and customers to your blog post. This will translate to savings of thousands of dollars that would have been used to mail correspondence to potential customers. If your clients are not interested in your email, they will not mind glancing at your short email. They will be ticked if they have to read a lengthy email that they are not getting value from. This is just one critical reason to implement a blog as an overall part of your internet marketing strategy.

-          How to develop newsworthy and readable content to your clients, your blog should only be about news and articles of interest. Users are very conscientious about what they read and will immediately detect obvious sales pitches. The sales pitch should be reserved for your website. Once they get a wrong first impression, they are unlikely to return to your site or blog anytime soon. Conversely, once they are impressed by your content, they are likely to get hooked to your domain for good. Enabling you to shape your reputation the way you would like to be perceived in the eyes of your clients and customers.

-          Your blog will link to your real estate website from here your clients can signup or phone you to request your services view listings or download special reports as required by their own needs and motivations.

-          It is important to remember that people love to buy the never like to be sold. Once your buyers or sellers make a move, they do not want to see another sales pitch 30 days later. Your blogging strategy will enable long term client retention and in another article you will see how to turn this into a steady steam of referrals.

Real Estate Professional training cannot be ignored if you are to succeed in your online marketing campaign. In this very new real estate market, the agent that takes the initiative to educate them self about internet technology, will succeed.

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd