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Real Estate Blogs and Search Engine Indexing

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 10-01-2011

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Posting Articles to Speed Up Search Engine Indexing

Posting an article on an established blog in order to fast track your indexing in the search engines is about as good as it gets for having new sites found.

There are other things you can do such as Tweeting your website link or using one of several indexing sites that will get your domain out into cyberspace in order to get your viewed by your target market.

Another great way is to get listed by someone that has a website with a link swap feature built into it. The reason that you want to have your domain posted several places that the search engines are going to visit is to increase your odds of getting indexed sooner rather than later.

The alternative is that you wait and let the spiders find your site on their own, however this could take weeks if not months.

I have taken the effort to write this article hoping that it might help someone else with search engine indexing and at the same time get this site that I have just purchased, London Ontario Real Estate MLS to index and hopefully rank a little faster. You might also notice that I used a technique called anchor text. Using this strategy enables you to add associaton to the key words that you would like to link to, in this case it happens to be that my keywords are also the domain name... cool eh!

I have an article that will  be posted soon on article anchor text, it is one of the most powerful techniques that I know of on search engine ranking.

To learn more on blogging read this article ---->>> Real Estate Blogs


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