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Video Enhanced Website

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Websites | Posted on 24-10-2008

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Real Estate Professionals


Own Your Own Video Enhanced Website

Loaded Full of Promotional Tools and Designed

Specifically for the Busy Real Estate Professional…read on



The Own Your Own Web Page Real Estate Professionals® website is an exciting new client pleasing concept; it offers 26 special reports as well as many of your favorite links.

You can also post up to five videos for all of your buyers, sellers and past clients to view.

It’s great when presenting to your clients the proposal of advertising their home on the internet right on your own personal web page.

You will easily be able to upload your own or your company YouTube videos. Simply copy and paste them right to your own web page with the easy to understand instructions.

Spend some time doing a personal video promotion focused buyers, sellers, property evaluations or any other part of your real estate business that you would like to draw attention to.

As well, you can post video or written testimonials from satisfied clients and customers.

This self managed website can be set up to notify you when your clients have expressed interest in any of your special reports.

Select from 30 site themes, with all the major franchise colors to choose from you will be able to pick a new look every day until you are happy with the one you have or are simply tired of the old one.

You can add new headlines, input your company logo and even edit your own personal content.

The system is easy to use and will be offered with full video and written instructions, specifically designed to make the system simple and easy to use.

Even if you have a web page now, we have developed the site with this challenge in mind. It comes complete with a button generator so that you can have your web master copy and paste a small script right onto your current site, creating a button that will direct visitors to your new video/report page.

This small button will read My Other Web Page or View Videos. We have done this so that you have the option of keeping your old page or if you just want to check us out for a while.

Because there are no long term contracts and you only pay a small fee and you can cancel anytime, this should make the decision easy for the fence sitters.

You can get the Own Your Own Web Page system as part of the Strategic SellingToolz bundle, this includes but is not limited to getting your profile on the Canada Referral or United States Referral Success PLUS membership.

The Success PLUS Membership will get you a premium always on top position on the referral website. This Membership is all about getting referrals from agents all over the US and Canada.

You will also gain access to the ever growing Private members only area.

Further, you will be entitled to access the USA Private Sellers or Canada Private listing tool. This interesting tool; will get you marketed right beside the listings of private sellers in your market.

You get all three Internet listing tools for one low, low price.

To see a BETA example of the own your own web page in action CLICK HERE--->> Lead Generation Website.

If you have any interest in this exciting new site design, simply write a comment with your contact information. It will not be posted for public viewing and we will soon contact you regarding your request.

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