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MLS® London, Ontario – Real Estate Blogs

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 09-01-2011

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MLS-London-OntarioMLS London, Ontario - Real Estate Blogs and Search Engine Ranking

I have been encouraged to write this MLS London Ontario article to draw attention to the absolute power of blogging and what seems to be the unfortunate lack of understanding by the majority of Realtors® about real estate blogs and the potential they offer.

Whether you are a real estate agent or not the benefits of blogging are massive in ways that can come only from experience and or the study of results from your own efforts or that of others. This is one of several areas that we cover on Internet marketing and lead generation in the Real Estate Commission Gusher Training program.

I will use the example here of a keyword phrase MLS London Ontario. This is obviously a real estate related search term, unfortunately the domain name I do not own, making this article even more important for those that grasp the significance of this article. It is a highly searched term by those looking to buy or sell homes in London Ontario real estate market.

The reason I chose this term is to show by example how we can take a popular search term, write and article, add anchor text and very often end up with a placement on page one of Google. I have personally managed to gain a number one page position for dozens of keyword phrases that target my real estate websites. And for one particular keyword phrase, I have even managed to take over the top four spots on the Google page rank.

At the time of posting of this article it will be monitored so see how long, or even if it will make it to page one for the search term MLS London Ontario.

One of the main reasons I love this strategy is that you can take a keyword phrase that is owned as a domain name by someone else, usually a competitor and still gain a dominant position on the first page of Google.

Much of what you do when writing and article when you are trying to achieve higher search engine results is about the content on which you choose to write about. The proper use of the keywords and keyword phrases, your anchor text, the way you use your keywords scattered throughout the article, in the main heading and subtitles and the tags that you use to identify what that article is about to the search engines.

Because we chose to write about the keyword phase MLS London Ontario, it should be obvious to sprinkle these keywords throughout the article. It should also be pointed out that you can rearrange the words somewhat to make the content more natural looking.

By way of illustration, you can use the words rearranged in a sentence as if you were talking about the “London Ontario MLS”…. To squeeze a little more juice out of your keywords, you can use quotations, italics and bolding or even color, as Google apparently places some significance on these attributes… Get the picture?

With all that has been said about the significance of keywords, it should also be pointed out that should not overdo it. No one really knows for sure what the proper keyword density is because Google does not share this information.  I would only suggest that the words you are focusing on should be mentioned early and often. Your keywords should be used only to the extent that they appear natural and not to the extent that your article looks like spam.

The sooner that you start your real estate blogs the better your chances will be at getting your articles to place higher in the search engines. Just like real estate your website actually starts to gain equity, with Google this can effect what they refer to as PR or Page Rank. Page Rank was named after one of the Google founders, Larry Page. A higher page rank can often determine your website search engine positioning, giving your website and your articles to be found.

It is hoped that this article might influence real estate agents and others about how much success can be achieved from this vastly underutilized form of medium. Write some Keyword rich articles for all of the major search terms or neighborhoods in your market and grab your share of the Internet traffic out there.

MLS London Ontario – Real Estate Blogs was written as a real estate agent training article by James Osmar of SellingToolz Ltd., in a series of articles on Internet Strategies for Realtors®. It was also done with a search engine position self challenge to see if we can achieve that coveted first page Google ranking.

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This article was written not only as a way to teach about blogging, it was also done so that we could watch to see how long it will take to make it to page one for the search tern MLS London Ontario