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Referral Tips 1 of 7

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Realtor® Referral Tips | Posted on 21-11-2008

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Customers that give referrals will become more loyal to you because of this public statement, so it is important to remember to treat them right if you forget about them they will vanish.

Send your clients an anniversary card each year on the date of their home purchase.

Hand written cards and envelopes should be sent to all of your clients as often as you can. When is the last time you through a hand addressed envelope in the trash before opening.

You need to think of as many reasons that you can to contact your clients on unique and personal dates for unique and personal reasons.

Find out why your clients called you or referred you, and then give them more of the same.

Ask for your client’s birthday, if you mail a birthday card to the client on their birthday, it might not make that much of an impression the first year but you can rest assured that it will as the yeas role on.

Give your clients a time limited rebate, a reward that is going to be delivered on the close of their sale, paying for their legal fees can make a big impression. Remember most people that are buying or selling are talking wit others about their future move. This enables them to naturally find out who else is planning a move.

Never be afraid to ask for referrals, explain to the client exactly how they can locate the ideal buyer or seller for you and how it will benefit them.

Offer a unique service to your client – for example hire a qualified reliable handyman that will show up a day or two after close. In many situations a few hours of a handyman will go a lot further them a gift basket.

If you are going to give a gift that is unique and has great advertising shelf life, give your clients an extra one and have them give it to a friend. Have the second one engraved “a gift form one friend to another”.

Give your clients a recycle box with your brand on it – each week you are out at the curb in front of all the neighbors.

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