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Real Estate Training – The Purpose of an Ad

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Real Estate Training Webinar Series – Sneak Preview

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Presentations, Real Estate Training | Posted on 30-03-2012

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Real Estate Training Webinar - On this real estate training webinar series you will learn the secrets of In-Bound-Marketing and the secrets of building your life long perpetual lead generation funnel.

Join us for on this fast a furious real estate training webinar series held approximately every other Wednesday. Sign up for advanced notice, no phone is required, just get in front of your computer.

We will expand on all that there is to know about lead generation and prospecting using the methods of Branded and low-Branded  marketing, as well as online and off line marketing.

Spaces are limited so sign up now...

Test Marketing and Polling

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Training | Posted on 24-03-2012

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Test marketing Split Test marketing and taking polls when you are writing ads or creating content for your target market can be one of most valuable steps you can take when creating a successful ad or content campaign.

This video walks through some of the steps that I took when creating a series of banner ads for the real estate websites we have called the Performance Web Page. As the name of the websites would suggest they are built with a results as the main goal.

In this short video we also discuss the benefits of writing multiple ads and the use of multiple websites when running Pay Per Click ad campaigns or when marketing on classified ad sites.

The results of the poll we took had me make a totally unsuspected decision.  Had I not done the poll I would have select the last place finisher in the banner building completion. This was a total surprise, right up until the last moment I had not even planned on doing a poll. And the actual winner of the poll I thought they would have come in third.

I did end up selecting multiple sets of headers so that the Real Estate Professionals working with the Performance Web Page would have more to choose from.

Here are a couple examples

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

NO SALES PITCH – Bi-Monthly Real Estate WEBINAR Series On Lead Generation using the strategies of In-Bound-Marketing

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Lead Generation, Real Estate Training | Posted on 22-03-2012

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Real estate webinar, sales, training, in bound marketing, lead gereration

Webinar Sign up


In-Bound Marketing


I sincerely believe that there has never been a time in the history of Real Estate when Real Estate Professionals could achieve such Massive Sales and Profit as they can today!

The reason I say this is because of the use of the tools and the better understanding about how to use these tools is now more easily available.

Years ago when newspaper and magazine advertising was about all we had. The cost per leads could be extraordinarily expensive, making it hard to earn a profit.

Today we have the use of the Internet and with the extensive leverage it offers, when fully understood, the cost per lead can often be free or only be pennies.

The better way to go about a building your lead generating traffic source is to implement an In-Bound-Marketing strategy. One that sources leads from multiple areas and enables you to develop a short term and long term relationship with your list.

The words In-Bound-Marketing should lead you to conclude that the efforts from your marketing have an In-Bound cause and effect relationship. When you learn to effectively market using the correct principles. People will seek you out.

When using In-Bound-Marketing methods, you will receive as a direct benefit; friendlier leads and you will be more able to develop a smarter way to approach these people.

Because when you do this correctly, at the highest level of perfection, you will receive not only leads. You will receive eager clients and customers wanting to work with you…

Join me on our next LIVE - NO SALES PITCH Bi-Monthly Real Estate Webinar, where the content is always new and exciting.


Looking Forward

James Osmar
Lead Generation Master
SellingTOOLZ Ltd.



New In-Bound-Marketing Webinar Series

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Presentations, Real Estate Training | Posted on 13-03-2012


rea estate training webinar


In this new LIVE Webinar on Marketing, Prospecting and Lead Generation, I am very
excited to share with you all the new stuff that is available to Real Estate Professionals. Stuff that
enable you to effortlessly attract and bond with more buyers and
sellers than you ever thought possible ... at WILL!!


The BUZZ phrase for this new RESEARCH is known as In-Bound-Marketing...

See you there!

James Osmar
SellingTOOLZ Ltd.


Real Estate Professionals all of your clients know 14 people moving this year

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate News, Real Estate Training | Posted on 06-03-2012


I had a very interesting news flash occur a few months back while preparing to speak at a real estate tech seminar... The topic I was covering was how to gain massive leverage when prospecting with video.

While compiling my information, thoughts were popping in and out of my head at what seemed like light speed. I began to wonder just how many friends each client must have. I then determined, who better to find this information from than Facebook.

A Google search quickly revealed what I was looking for, according to Facebook the average person has 130 friends listed. As well, the industry average for people moving is every seven years... This is going to get very interesting, because it's when I had my "aha"  moment! It's when my thoughts went form light speed to slow motion.

If the average person knows 130 people, and the average person moves every seven years. The numbers of people that each and every person knows that will be moving every year is huge, and could be very profitable for real estate agents that can figure out how to comfortably tap into this source.

When you divide the these numbers 130 by 7 you get 18.57... now that is a large number and is probably skewed by the fact that not all people on Facebook are not friends or even acquaintances. But it is very conceivable for a couple living in a home to know of, work with and have at least 100 friends, work associates and acquaintances. After all that is only 50 people each.

Therefore if the sellers of each home that you have listed know 100 people, and these people all move an average of every seven years. Each and every buyer and seller knows 14 people that are moving this year, which is more than one person every month.

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs that I have had as a prospecting real estate agent, and it involves leveraging your buyers and sellers list.

If you sell 30 homes times the 14 people that each of these sellers has influence with, this would mean that your list has potential contact with 420 people moving this year... "aha".  As a Real Estate Professional, this is one of the largest untapped groups of people that are available to you as a real estate agent. The people on this list will be friendlier and much more likely to work with you as their real estate agent. All that you need to do is learn the secret of how to get your sellers to market you!

Just think of the numbers of buyers and sellers each of your current clients know. Also look at when are your buyers and sellers going to be meeting other buyers and sellers. It is when they are active in the market, just like when you bought that new car and you started to see it everywhere. This is called the reticular activator, a little part in your brain that starts to notice what is on your mind.  Well... your clients will start to meet other buyers and sellers everywhere when they are moving. All you need is the right scripts and tools to get them to help you out... causing them to want to become an integral part of your real estate team!

I will be starting a new series of LIVE Webinars soon, join me on my next one. I will be discussing easy to implement strategies that will effortlessly get you in front of your buyers and sellers list, and it will be much easier than you ever thought possible. SEO Strategies, the best and easiest way to build and maintain a relationship with your past present and future clients. As well I will be discussing in detail the 3 Kinds of Leads and the 3 Main Systems you need to capture, convert and how to get your clients to come to you when they need you.

This is he new way for Real Estate Professionals to do business in this new Internet age of Real Estate.

REAL ESTATE TRAINING WEBINAR <<<<<----- CLICK HERE to sign up for the next Webinar

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

P.S. Visit us on Facebook where we have thousands of Likes and counting

Real Estate Websites and Lead Generation Strategies

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Lead Generation, Real Estate Training | Posted on 23-12-2011



Real Estate Websites, Lead Generation Strategies, Leads Management and Real Estate Training Systems...


We are a real estate agent website development and training company. Our primary focus is on what top Real Estate Professionals excel at,lead generation, lead conversion and relationship building.

My name is James Osmar, I became an active real estate agent in 1989 and went on to achieve some of the highest levels of sales in the industry.

Most of the goals that I had achieved were because of dedicated lead generation strategies combined with team building.

SellingToolz Ltd. was launched in 2006 because many of the old prospecting methods were becoming obsolete or negatively affected by legislation... and I simply wanted a change.  The way I viewed it, the Internet – when properly understood – offered the greatest cutting edge possibilities.

We first built Canada Referral and United States Referral, then the Red Hot Web Page, the Gold Rush Leads website, the Client Contact Blog, Market Mail Outs and finally our new flagship website the Performance Web Page - a real estate agents personal lead generation website.

This suite of websites includes personal web pages, low branded websites, a blogging web page and the referral directory, all necessary Internet tools to run your real estate sales business in today’s market.

Early on, our goal was to create a referral system for Real Estate Professionals that reached across all franchises. More importantly, the idea was to create a listing tool for Real Estate Professionals. A tool that would offer the ability to show sellers how well connected a real estate agent you were in the search for buyers and sellers moving in and out of your market.

This referral system was also designed to be used as a means for the agent to educate the buyer and seller about how to refer their friends and relatives to you. This is done by giving the buyer or seller the understanding that they will be talking about real estate more during the buying or selling of their home then any other time in their life. Therefore, meeting more people considering a move and then as the Real Estate Professional teaching them how to make the introduction.

Today we have grown to be a Real Estate Professional Resource Company with six real estate agent websites and several other buyer and seller lead generation tools. Giving Real Estate Professionals the ability to have a complete Internet marketing and lead generation system.

For the real estate agent that considers themselves technically challenged or simply wants to delegate this responsibility, we offer advanced training and a lead management system. Making sure that no Real Estate Agent gets left behind.


SellingToolz  <<<------- CLICK HERE TO LEAN MORE

The Commission Gusher Real Estate Training Program

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Training | Posted on 17-07-2011


Real estate training Real estate agent training is an ever evolving process. There are old school training methods that require one to learn the basics and there are the new strategies mostly created because of the internet and other technologies. The Commission Gusher real estate training program places special interest in the area if Internet technology and focuses on real estate websites, lead capture, video marketing and prospecting all at and advanced level of learning.

The program was built by James Osmar a 20 year real estate agent with over a decade of hands on Internet involvement. As a module type training taught over six modules with webinar and conference call instruction, running over a period of ten weeks. All real estate agents will benefit accelerating their learning of Internet based lead generation, lead capture and conversion of buyers and sellers at all cycles of their buying and selling timeline.

As the program grows and new tools are developed for prospecting and marketing, status members gain full access to all new materials posted in the training area.

At this time once an real estate agent joins the Commission Gusher program they are a status member for life as long as they keep their web page subscription active.

Real Estate Training – Search Engine Optimization

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in How to Web Page, Real Estate Training, Real Estate Websites | Posted on 24-02-2011

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Search Engine Optimization                                                                                                                                                        search engine optimization

Real Estate Training in the area of search engine optimization (SEO) is almost none existent, at least it was until now.

The most obvious reason is that working on your website for the purpose of getting it to the top of the search engines has its obvious challenges. The learning curve is somewhat of an unknown to the average person, therefore it appears to be to difficult and the people that offer to do this for you want an arm and a leg for their service.

What I really find interesting is that it took me few months to figure it out, but the actual work to getting my websites to the top of the search engines is rather minimal once you learn the secrets. That is if your website has the proper design and is built with this SEO as one of its priorities. Check out the link for London Ontario Real Estate in this article and you will see one of our websites built to achieve this goal.

In our real estate training program aptly named the Commission Gusher Advanced Training, we teach this so that real estate agents so that they can do this on their own, or they will know how to hire someone to do it for them without being taken advantage of. As I said companies that do this want an arm and a leg, prices that I have been quoted range from $300.00 to $600.00 a month and the want a four to six month commitment.

One agent on the call that is attached to this post even talks of a company that quoted him $2,500.00 a month.

We on the other hand include this in the training and the entire training costs a fraction of what you would pay an SEO specialist.

Click on the link below to listen to the February 22nd Conference Call where we discuss how you can get your website to page one on Google.

Search Engine Optimization <<<<------ Click Here

We build three such pages and have been doing this with great success for all of our websites that we use to market our products. However that does not help real estate agents see the value as well as looking at a website that is on page one of Google, in a major market for an important search term, so we decided to show you the proof.

Here are a couple examples of one of our websites being on page one for such a search, Google "London Ontario Real Estate" and you will see in #4 postion for this term.

The other search term you can check out is London Ontario Real Estate MLS for the website London Ontario Real Estate and you will see that this website is also on page one of Google.

We have over twenty number one page positions on Google for many of our sites all over the Internet and decided to show you how it is done!

Real Estate Education – Real Estate Websites and Lead Conversion – James Osmar

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Training, Real Estate Websites | Posted on 19-02-2011

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real estate education


I was recently asked asked a question about real estate website  lead conversion and thought I would keep the sender confidential but post the question and the answer here.

The question was regarding conversion rates and the prices of the various Real Estate Training and Real Estate Web Sites that we offer.

I would have to guess at the conversion rate as each agent and each market is different, I do know that success is in the follow up and you have to follow up right away

According to a study done with over 100,000 follow up calls over three years. if you follow up within 5 minutes you have a 21 times greater chance at conversion and 2000 times better than if you wait 24 hours.

You will get about 30% of the leads being gibberish, however this group is my second favorite group of leads as you can immediately recognize them and do not have to waste any time.

Of the remainder of leads, it will be very dependent on your own personal skill level, we have a 19 page report and script in our real estate education program that covers what I call the Chunk Method of Selling. In this report I cover the 5 Chunks of Lead Follow up and Lead Conversion each chunk is a separate step with a clearly defined goal that is designed to give clarity to the prospecting process.

I will go over it after you sign up to give you insight on this method, it will greatly improve your odds of success.

Sign up costs on a monthly subscription for all five/six websites including setup for the first month is $319.88 and then $69.99 a month after that, annual subscriptions are less.

Currently the Commission Gusher training is $695.00 soon to be $995.00, and we do the Lead Management for $$199.95 per month Paid Quarterly. Of course prices are subject to change, we do however grandfather all current Members.

I love what I do,

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

Sales 800-409-9850

Real Estate Training – Lead Generation Websites

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Real Estate Training - Lead Generation Websites                                                                                                                                                               problem solution

Real Estate training and the way that you can go about learning new skills have taken on many different ways to acquire the knowledge necessary to keep pace in today’s high tech world.

We have created an extremely efficient solution designed to bring you up to speed and enable you to explode your sales. This is internet based training that enables you to learn from the comfort of your own home or office combined with regular conference calls and webinars.

With the rapid advances in technology today, most real estate agents are falling behind with many not realizing how critical it has become to spend some of their time and budget in this area… sadly, this inability to keep up is totally unnecessary! The model that we have developed will guarantee your success as a Real Estate Professional, if you follow these simple well laid out steps.

Think about the way the Internet is today and imagine how it will be in five years, do you think it will be the same? Or do you think it will continue to advance, as it has for almost two decades doubling every 14 months?

The answer should be obvious… if you continue doing what you are doing; you will be putting yourself into desperate state as far as your real estate sales are concerned. The MP3 Audio attached to this article will bring you up to speed as to how you can very quickly and in the most cost effective way possible; acquire the skills and the outside talent to do this for you.

At SellingToolz Ltd. we specialize in the area of lead generation, lead conversation and relationship building. The three things top agents across all companies and all real estate markets are best at. Click on the above link and you will be able to hear first had how we can assist you in many of the areas being discussed here.

As a real estate agent you know that you have to go out and get business, you know that it will not come to you in large enough numbers to afford you a good standard of living. If you rely on your friends and family, you will end up on the hard done by list. Door knocking is a lot of work and not very effective. Calling out of the phone book is not much better, expired listings have been banned, newspapers and magazines are extremely expensive… the list goes on.

Lead generation cannot possibly be done as inexpensively or as effectively as it can with use of the Internet, when compared to all other methods. This audio goes into great depth on this topic, discussing all of the lead generation websites necessary to achieve this. Discussing examples of why you do not use a personal website with a pay per click campaign such as Google or Bing and why these campaigns will only be successful when using low branded websites.

We will show you how to use your branded websites to capture leads, using methods to drive traffic that you have never heard of before. We will show you how to get your sellers to prospect for you, sending hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your personal websites with every listing you take. We will explain to you why drip email as an initial form of prospecting does not work and is only used by those that do not understand prospecting or by those afraid to get on the phone.

Lead conversion is a learned skill; we cover some of this here however we go into the skills necessary to convert an Internet lead in our Real Estate Training more specifically known as the Commission Gusher Training Program in much greater depth. In this training we go into great detail about all of the above and how to convert a lead with very little effort using our closely guarded secret the “Chunk Method of Selling”.

We also will show you how to get your sellers to eat out of the palm of your hand, choosing you as their listing agent even before you have sat at the kitchen table to do your presentation. Yes the Commission Gusher Real Estate Training program is like no other and should be a mandatory investment on your part. If you want to succeed and understand how to implement technology in your business and explode your sales, you need this training and the tools that come with it.

Relationship building is a learned skill; we will show you how to connect with a new lead over the phone in just seconds… The skills you will learn are used by master politicians, public speakers and religious leaders all over the world. Only a small handful of the Top Real Estate Professionals can even begin to understand what it is that I will show you in this training. Most of the top real estate agents that have been taught these secrets don’t want you to know about this stuff. Because it is way too powerful and in the right hands it offers a completely unfair advantage over all other agents.

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.