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Networking and Referrals

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Referrals, Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 17-12-2008

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A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

The best way to expand your real estate referral business is to join a group of Real Estate Professionals that want to do the same. The referral system must be efficient in that you can find an agent when needed and where needed. There must be a social system that allows for Real Estate Professionals to meet and communicate with each other on the Internet.

These links will do just that.

Online Market Evaluation – Homes in West Toronto – Etobicoke

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Presentations, Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 08-12-2008

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Accurate On line Home Evaluations from David Pylyp...

Strategic Objectives Posted on YouTube

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 27-11-2008

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Essentially the objective of this website is to introduce the topic of technology in real estate... If the product can be of benefit to the Buyer, Seller or Real Estate Agent then this is the fourm to discuss the pros and cons of these tools.

Telephone Prospecting The Easy Way – How To Warm Call

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 17-11-2008

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We all know that prospecting for buyers and sellers is essential to the success of any good salesperson, the problem is that we all seem to chase the same carrot. I believe that there are easy ways to go about this sometimes daunting task, and there are hard ways.

My team and I met recently and because the holiday season is upon us I gave them what I think is the easiest telephone technique in building their business that I know of. This suggestion in my opinion is a golden nugget and it is based on building your direct contact business and your referral business.

Many of the people that I have worked with over the years are timid when it comes to getting on the phone to look for business, this is something that pretty much all salespeople can relate too.

These fears prompted me to think of ways to get people to work on their business using methods that get people around these fear tendencies. As I mentioned, at this time it just so happens to be the holiday season, however this technique can be used many other times of the year and be just as effective.

This nugget involves putting together a list of every person that you know, with the intent to call them and wish them a Happy Holiday and to verify their mailing information so that they can mail out a holiday greeting card. No one will be upset that they are going to be getting card from you.

While you have them on the phone, ask if their email address is handy and be sure to close off the conversation by asking them to pass along your name to anyone that they might know who will be selling in the new year. By pushing out this suggestion to the new year, you will not be looked upon as being a pushy salesperson.

Each month this column will be added to as I suggest to my team how to go about getting in front of their clients in a friendly way.

James Osmar

Changes in Real Estate – Craig Proctor

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 11-11-2008

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Many, many years ago I went to a weekend Craig Proctor seminar, it was his very first one.

There were twelve of us in the basement of a hotel. The cost was $3,500 and I think at that time, every real estate agent there walked away feeling as though we had received great value.

By way of example, several of the  original group of Real Estate Professionals have gone on to do some great things with their selling careers.

One notable, Terry Paranych was at the same seminar and Terry is now doing his own real estate training. I remember Terry telling me that he was doing 160 or deals a year in his second year, so he was no slouch even back then.

If you ever have a chance to take either of the Terry Paranych or Craig Proctor programs, you will definitely learn things that can fast track your career.

Vince Delvecchio was there, Vince is a perennial in the RE/MAX top 100 list.

20 years ago before these training courses were created, most real estate offices did not have a fax machine and cell phones were the size of an encyclopedia. As well, the rules we live by in today's market are as equally different.

Real estate today is very different then it was back then, I will be writing about some of these changes over the next several postings.

Real estate will continue to change and if you do not make the decision to keep up, you will be looking at a cloud of dust. Especially with some of the technological changes that are taking place.

You Tube was not around, it now has 100 million viewers, text messaging was not around and is now overtaking email, in 10 to 15 years email will be obsolete.

Real Estate Professionals can no longer simply pick up the phone and start to dial numbers randomly, this means you cannot even randomly cold call private sellers. The fine for unsolicited cold calls is now $1,500 for an individual and $15,000 for companies.

This makes the landscape for Real Estate Professionals very different from the past. Real estate was an industry where the phone was it's lifeblood.

With changes like this you will have to look to different sources of business to survive, that is if you want to make a career of it.  This ever changing real estate market presents an entire laundry list of challenges that I can not wait to discuss.

James Osmar

Real Estate Agents – Day Timers and Prospecting

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 20-10-2008

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This is the time of year to start working on your business plan.

I have laid out a guideline for my team to follow and I believe if they work on these simple steps, success is all but guaranteed.

The first step is to block out your calender, with your prospecting being your most important appointment of the day. Use a pencil (in case of changes) and block out all the times that are going to complete your day and do this well in advance of the day you are going to work on the task at hand.

Many of you will say that your family is more important; it is acceptable to build your calender based on this approach. However, remember that airlines will tell you to put your oxygen mask on yourself first in order to be able to help the people beside you.

Prospecting is the oxygen you will need to be successful in real estate sales as well s any other selling profession, if you want to help your family - look after your business and your business will look after you.

You should also try to do some of your prospecting at the office as opposed to calling at home. If you have a hard time disciplining yourself to make the calls that are required to reach your goals it is probably because the couch is winning out over the phone.

Follow these simple rules you will be on top of your game and sales and referrals will follow. More importantly if you can not master the phone or stopping in to visit buyers and sellers, you might want to consider another career other then real estate sales.

The time that you block out for prospecting or what I would like to re phrase is calling your list, mailing them personal notes and dropping by to visit people that can send you referrals should be done as routinely as taking a shower.

Make just five contacts a day in each of these three suggested areas and you will be successful. If you are new to the business then you should be spending most of your day looking for business, because the people that you are trying to serve are not going to come looking for you.

Visit United States Referral or Canada Referral

London Ontario Real Estate – James Osmar

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Presentations, Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 13-10-2008

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London Ontario Real Estate

James Osmar is a London Ontario Real Estate Agent, as a Real Estate Professional he and his team apply his Home Selling System in the London Ontario Real Estate market.  Relocation services and an information referral service for relocation are also a value added for the buyer and seller on the move.

James Osmar

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 07-10-2008

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James Osmar is a London Ontario real estate agent, as a Real Estate Professional he and his team apply his London Ontario Home Selling System in the London Ontario real estate market. Relocation services and an information referral service for relocation, are a value added for the buyer and seller on the move.

For more information VIEW THIS VIDEO ... London Ontario Real Estate

Selling – Using Toll Free Numbers

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Social Traffic | Posted on 06-10-2008

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One of the best tools that I have used is a toll free phone number capturing system that enables people to request information 24/7, and today you are able to get them at fire sale prices.

When this system is used, not only do you increase the number of calls that are generated from your listings and reports, you are providing a valuable service to your customer.

It only stands to reason, that the person that is accessing information in our world of convenience will want immediate gratification. If you are not offering this quick and easy access you are missing the mother load of potential leads.

An additional advantage to this technique is that you can dramatically cut down on your work load. Your clients qualify themselves, you do not have to spend additional time on the phone trying to get a name and a number and you get to call back better prepared for the call. However, I can not stress this enough, you will most certainly increase the number of calls you will get and therefore the number of sales you can make.

I have used these systems for over 15 years and what I have discovered to be the most important aspect to increasing the number of quality buyers and sellers, is to return the calls ASAP. If you can return a call in a matter of minutes to an hour, I have found that you will increase the likelihood of developing a client relationship dramatically. At one time my team returned the calls over the course of days and even weeks, the conversion rate was dismal in comparison to returning calls in minutes to an hour…. Literally the results blew me away.

Just think about it for a minute, if you can return a call ASAP where the prospect has the information fresh on their mind they will be much more willing to talk about their interests. In a nut shell this makes your job a whole lot easier and much more satisfying.

With telephone rates dropping to such low rates over the recent past, there is no excuse for you not to have this tool in your business.

For more information go to

James Osmar has worked as a RE/MAX Real Estate Professional for almost two decades. On several occasions James has been listed in the Top 100 list of Canadian RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals. He has gone on to build a very successful real estate agent referral service or what some would call a relocation service. Canada Referral and United States Referral are attracting a lot of attention in the Real Estate industry.