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Real Estate Websites and the Irresistible Pop Over Offer

Real estate websites and the irresistible offer - The irresistible offer on your real estate website, when used correctly, will provide you as a website user a great advantage over websites that do not employ these tools...

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Real Estate Blogs – Increase Your Search Engine Page Rank

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 04-01-2011

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Real Estate Agent Blog

Real Estate Blogs

Real Estate Blogs are one of the keys to long term real estate sales success is being able to keep in touch with your client list in an easy, cost effective way. Nothing compares to the market positioning offered by your blog. It is cheaper than mail (and less work!) and offers more coverage than the phone or door knocking. The big bonus is how you are able to affect your website positioning with in the search engines as well as your clients minds!


You will learn…

  • How to position yourself in the minds of your buyers and sellers the way you want to be perceived. It is almost too easy; you do not want to appear to be a “salesperson” on your real estate Blog. Your job here is to illustrate your vast knowledge. Provide news and facts of interest to your buyers and sellers.
  • Your Blog is the most inexpensive way to keep in contact with your real estate list. At over a dollar to send a letter, and what can add up to several man hours to prepare, direct mail is expensive and can effectively be used in a more limited way. The telephone, while valuable can take far too long to keep in touch with a sizeable list.
  • How to find an abundance of free copy-and-paste articles, photos and videos for your real estate Blog. On the Internet, news articles are everywhere. Your local board for starters, as well as state and provincial associations and national associations. You can also search for other real estate blogs and you will have all the easy posting information that you need.
  • How to cut the cost of your direct mail program by 75% to 100% and do more to impress and keep the attention of your buyers and sellers. When you build your past client email list, we will show you how to write a “proper” email, linking people to your blog. You only have to send email every 3 months if at all. This will save you thousands of dollars every year, especially if you are considering direct mail marketing.
  • To get your clients to want to read your posts, look at your photos and view your videos. You have to make the posts newsworthy, make your emails short and make all your content 95% news and only 5% sales. Your clients will read your email if it is not a sales pitch. It is critical to remember that your buyers – once they move in – will not be moving out for 5 to 10 years. The last thing they want is another sales pitch.
  • Set up a separate domain name from that of your personal web page. If you have your blog set up as “” it becomes part of your sales page. And that is exactly what you do not want. You do want to direct your clients from your blog to your personal web page and they will go there when they are ready. Remember: people like to buy, but they do not like to be sold!

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Real Estate Agent Training – Blogging for Longterm Success

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 24-03-2010

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Real Estate training for real estate agents looking to amp up their ability to keep in touch with their list. Get rid of you old snail mail and learn how Blogging can dramatically increase your web presences and enable you to position yourself in the minds of your clients that way you want to be perceived.

This is a low effort high return method of earning your clients loyalty and getting their referral business for life

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Blogging is Just One of a Real Estate Professionals Critical Internet Marketing Tools

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 14-10-2009

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Real Estate Agent Blogs Your Blog should be implemented as a critical part of your overall marketing efforts. When you understand that 97% of you clients are not in the market to buy a home for 5- 10 years, this begs the question. How will you keep in contact with them?

The fastest, most effective and most efficient way to do this is with your personal Blog. Your Blog should not be a sub-link of your web page because it has to give the over all appearance of being a news site. Do not make the mistake of making your Blog a sales page if you already have a sales page.

As a real estate agent you Blog will give you the ability to position yourself as the Real Estate Professional of choice in the minds of your clients. It should consist of 95% content and 5% sales - this is a direct link to your personal web page.

I will show you how to correctly e-mail and link back to keep you clients in the loop for life.

Virtual marketing or what I prefer to call virtual prospecting will set you up with a steady stream of clients for life.

Your Blog is just one of the critical elements of the four websites that you need to use in order to build and maintain your Internet presence.

You should also have you personal web page used as a prospecting tool, you non Branded Opt-in Page and you must belong to a Referral Directory all used as list building tools.

I encourage you to click on the link and consider all of these tools Real Estate Agent Websites

SellingToolz Ltd.

Real Estate Professionals Blog and a non Branded Opt in Page…

Posted by James Osmar | Posted in Real Estate Blogging | Posted on 23-06-2009

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This is really cool! We have just added a Real Estate Professionals Blog
and non Branded opt in page to the Strategic Selling
Tools system... This is huge.

I was so overwhelmed with requests for the free copy of
the Napoleon Hill eBook last week, I attached it  to this
letter in case you did not get it in the last email.


We have added the ability to the Red Hot Web Page for the
user to change the header format. Users will now be able
to move their photo around the page, or eliminate their
photo altogether. This will enable you to make the current
header larger.

Other BIG news, this is going to be great for all Success
Members and Success PLUS members alike.

As mentioned we have just created a Real Estate Professionals Blog and a
non Branded Opt in Page. You will now have the choice of a
Blog, a non Branded Opt in Page, the Red Hot Web Page and
the Referral Membership.

Giving you four web pages that can be used to prospect
for leads and condition your clients to ensure that
you are the agent of choice in your market.

The price will be lower than a single web page offered
by other providers and significantly more powerful.

As a Success PLUS Member you will be able to upgrade to
all four web pages for only $10.00 or so. I strongly
urge you to jump on this one as I will absolutely be
raising the price.

I have always made it clear that I would take care of
the Membership because this is simply what I like to do.

I sincerely appreciate your long term commitment to
this project and I will continue to make advances in
these prospecting tools.

The Blogging system will be released in a few days and
the non Branded Opt in Page will be out in another week
or so.

Watch your email...

Success Members upgrade, will be able to choose one
web page tool and will get the Success PLUS Canada or
United  States Referral Membership included.

Or, you can get the Success PLUS Membership and select
one of the other three web pages. There will be a small
set up fee for the Blog.

HINT - This weeks price is going to be better then next
weeks, so don't say I did not warn you.

I will be creating a bundle that will enable you to get
all four prospecting tools for one low investment.

This bundle will be out in a couple of weeks and as a
Success PLUS Member you will be looked after, I promise.

If you have not locked in your membership price now. You
should, because I will be raising the price soon... like
in a week or so.

We are also putting together an awesome training system on
how to implement all of this new Internet technology.

All Success PLUS Members will get the new training program
for half price. It will  very comprehensive designed
to get you to make real money on the Internet.

You will also get the chance to get paid $330.00 for every
person that you bring in to the program. More on that in
future emails.

Remember, 86% of all buyers and sellers start their search
on the Internet and they usually pick the first agent the
talk to.

To your continued success,

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd
1241 Beaverbrook Ave.
London, CA