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Real Estate Blogging | Top 10 Real Estate Websites

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Real Estate Blogs,  Real estate blogging is one of the primary methods a real estate agent can use to engage their buyers, sellers and clients.

One of the key principles is to rarely use your Blog as a part of your sales pitch. Instead use your Blog as a means to educate, entertain and engage your target market.

Blogging is one of the best ways to engage and find people that are interested in what you have to say or present. Find topics or articles of interest that you find fascinating and you will build a natural following.

Real Estate Blogging – Better Blogging for Real Estate Agents – Part 3 of 3

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Keywords for Better Page Ranking                                                                                                                                            keywords_pagerank

This is a big and important one… I am not trying to over exaggerate this strategy. Setting up your own blog and submitting articles has the advantage to enabling you to rank higher for keywords that your website does not or might not have a good chance to rank very well for.

Page ranking is a term indicating where you rank in the search engines for any given search term. If you have done everything right, you will go higher for the keywords that you would like to rank for in your market. As far as I know this is everyone’s goal and it talks a lot of technical savvy to do it.

That being said, posting articles on your blog enables you to spend a lot of time covering stories about your market place and therefore enables you to write, find or buy keyword rich articles that you can post in order to give you a dominate position for the keywords of choice in your market.

For example when I was selling real estate, my market was London Ontario. Therefore I would do keyword research to find keywords for real estate in London Ontario.  Now you can see in the last couple of sentences how I was able to mention certain keywords.

Well after getting out of real estate for a couple years and building and Real estate agent website and training business, I decided to see if I could get my website back on page one or two again for the search term London Ontario real estate. Well, I did this in three days.

I was also able to get my blog Strategic Selling Tools on to page one for the term selling tools in two days, as well I was able to get our main website onto page one and two in less than a week for real estate agent websites… now that is cool.

Back Linking and Anchor Text

As mentioned one of the best reasons for blogging is to be able to push your websites higher in the search rankings for select keywords. One of the best ways to get your websites to do this is to combine your keywords with what is called anchor text.

This might sound a little technical however it’s rather easy once you have done it a few times. You simply take your keyword or keyword phrase and use the text editor link inserting tool that comes with most text editors.

You simply highlight the keywords that you are interested in ranking for and then insert the text the link that you want to have the word associated with. For example I would like to have my company website SellingToolz Limited rank high for real estate agent websites. I would simply take the words real estate agent websites and highlight them and insert the URL in the appropriate field. From there the relationship will be born.

As mentioned I have done this as a live example with the web site, simply by making the association to the words London Ontario Real Estate along with several other strategies I have managed to push the site to page one for this search term.

Now if I do this enough eventually I will start to increase my search engine rankings.

Follow this link to read Article 2 – 3 on Real Estate Blogging

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

Real Estate Blogging – Better Blogging for Real Estate Agents – Part 2 of 3

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Real Estate Blogging                                                                                                                                                                       client contact

The Lowest Cost Method of Keeping in Touch With Your List

Because of the ability to shape your reputation, plus the ease and cost to be able to keep in touch with your list, there really is no other tool that you can use to do this as effectively as blogging.

You can find articles all over the Internet; you can seek out videos with ease. With a little effort you can write your own articles or even pay a ghostwriter to do it for you. Once you have the information that you want to post to your blog or submit to your favorite ezine. All that is left to do is the very inexpensive task of writing a four or five line email to direct people to your Blog and to press the send button… Now, how hard is that?

If you email your list every three weeks, you will have the created the ultimate way of building a connection with your buyers and sellers for the rest of your selling career. One of the biggest mistakes most real agents make is that they do not keep in touch with their list. The second mistake is that they spend the time when they make contact… selling them.

Just think for a moment what would you think if you purchased a new car and thirty days later the car salesperson called the tried to sell you another car? My bet is not too much… So we know we have to keep in touch with our list, more than every three weeks would drive me to put you into the delete file, less then that would create the risk of being forgotten when the opportunity for them to refer presents itself.

Consider the cost of newspaper, magazine, television, radio, billboards or bus benches and of course direct mail. The Internet is by far and away the least expensive and arguably the most effective medium that you can tap into today.

If you do not feel that you have the time, or the ability to write articles for your Blog… then hire a ghostwriter to put together a weekly article around the keywords or topic of your choosing. Give them the password to your blog and for a fraction of the cost of the advertising mediums just mentioned you will have a formal blog with everything done for your.

Now if you are the kind of real estate agent that keeps in touch with your list, and you should be. Then this is another area where you will be able to free up some money to write the articles. You will be able to eliminate or scale back your direct mail costs.

Follow this link to read Article 1 - 3 on Real Estate Blogging

James  Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd.

Real Estate Blogging – Better Blogging for Real Estate Agents – Part 1 of 3

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Real Estate Bloggging should be just one of your real estate website

strategies used for lead generation and lead

Real Estate Websitesconversion...

Whether you are a non blogger or non article writer or perhaps you are just considering blogging, even if you are a master article writer… this is meant for you!

Your Real Estate Blog should be just one of the websites that you have in your suite of web pages, the entire suite is designed for prospecting and keeping in contact people at different times and for different reasons during the buying and selling cycle.

Many non article writers that I speak to think that blogging is too much work. Before the sound of the words real estate blogging has stopped resonating throughout the room they have lost interest.

That’s unfortunate because there are so many great benefits for the real estate agent that is willing to spend a small amount of time posting articles that are worthy of consideration with regard to enhancing your sales. I will cover several good reasons for here in this series of short articles.

The definition of a blog is

Informal Full name: weblog a journal written online and accessible to users of the internet.

The best way to look at blogging is that it is a website that you can change with a few simple clicks of a mouse to add or remove whatever content you want. You get to do this when you want and you are able to add copy, photos or video.

So unlike any other website that you have, you will be able to gain maximum control over the look and the feel and you will gain the flexibility to make it an extension of yourself, shaping the way you want you and your business to be perceived.

The Ability to Shape Your Reputation

Shaping your reputation is one of the more valuable of reasons to post information on your own Blog.

Because Blog information is dynamic and not static, meaning that it is always changing, you gain the ability to capture and hold your visitors attention. Your personal real estate website, once you have it set up it pretty much stays the same. Plus your personal website unlike your Blog should be set up as a sales pitch and lead generation site whereas your blog should be used for other purposes.

If you want to be the provider of news, this is the tool. If you want your Blog to be an expression of your personality or if you want to shape and influence the way you want your buyers and sellers to see you in your marketplace you have to consider Blogging as the most effective and cost efficient way to achieve this.

The tip that I will pass along is to get your blog post to take the form of value offered. What I mean is that you will do more harm than good if you try to make you blog posts a sales pitch. Write your articles as a news or articles of interest… and you might just get your buyers and sellers coming back to read more.

News comes from everywhere, your local real estate board, search engines such as Google, television, magazines, other Blogs and the best place of all, your personal opinions… You can even get fellow Realtors® or even your clients to write articles for you. If you do not consider yourself the newsworthy type, create a Blog that is an extension of your personality, are you funny, political, outrageous? Do you like kids, sports, family? Tell funny stories about some of your sales adventures… get the picture?

When writing your articles remember that people love to buy but they hate to be sold! So make your Blog the area that people can look at to either learn, laugh or listen just don’t make it a sales pitch page. That is for your real estate website, your blog should be 95% content far removed from being a sales pitch. The 5% that is sales should only refer to you at the bottom of the post in the form of a signature and links your visitors to your website.

James Osmar
SellinngToolz Ltd

London Ontario Real Estate – Real Estate Blogs

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London Ontario Real Estate - Power Blogging                                                                                                                       search enging ranking

London, Ontario real estate is a fairly major search term in London for buyers and sellers searching real estate in the city.

This article has been written to illustrate how blogging can give a big push to a website that is already ranking well in the search engines, because it has already had much of the search engine optimization (SEO) needed for good page rank done to it; however there is still room for page rank improvement… I Love a challenge!

There are two main areas you can put your effort into getting a website to rank well in the search engines. 1. on page factors 2. off page factors. For the purposes of this article I will be discussing a few on page factors.

Last week I wrote an article with the challenge of getting a blog post to page one on Google for the keyword phrase MLS London Ontario; it took four days to see the post make it to #5 on page one for that search term. I also wrote an article the next day to show how blogging can help a new website get indexed and ranked quicker by article writing and linking it to anchor text. I built a website that day and pointed the domain name at this new web page and in 6 days the website was on the middle of page two for that search term. I should add this was all that was done to the website; there were no other SEO improvements made… in the internet world, that’s awesome!

This article is now being written to help push the London Ontario real estate website higher for the search term London Ontario real estate. At the time of this writing the website was ranked #14 on which is position #4 on page two. By the way and will show different results. Two weeks ago, before I tweaked the website it was sitting at #49. I am sure that if writing one article will not do the trick of improving its current position, three or four articles would push the website to page one.

At this time I do not actively sell real estate in the city of London, Ontario or anywhere else. We use the website for illustration purposes, a live example for real estate agents across United States and Canada to view. However if I was selling, using what has been discussed here and other SEO capabilities that we have added to these websites, (see the James website would definitely be on the page one. Because of what we have learned from our brain storming sessions I believe that we can push pretty much any website in the industry to the top of the search engines, much the same way we have done with our own business websites.

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd

Real Estate eMail

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eMail Drip Campaigns Do Not Work!                                                                                                                                       email campaign

Real Estate eMail will most certainly enhance every real estate agents sales if they build into their systems a regular well thought out follow up routine. It is necessary to keep regular contact with your real estate leads and long term list. This can be done with emails, calls or direct mail; it’s just not done the way you might think it is… I will slap you with this, DRIP eMAIL DOES NOT WORK, so don’t do it!

You must learn to follow up when using email, delivering items of value not irritating babble. Because and I will say “trust me on this”… most prospective clients will be interested in themselves not you, your sales dribble about how wonderful you are or tips on how to clean their closets. These strategies are pathetic and have been crafted by real estate wannabes that do not know what it is to prospect and have never spent any serious time in the prospecting trenches.

People that start out looking at real estate want to see real estate, so send them what they want. When buyers are in the stages of buying you should be prospecting them… this is a learned skill. You are going to have to grow a pair and step up your efforts to make contact with the people when they have raised their hand and left some sort of contact information with you. Sadly, I see a large number of real estate agents fail right here! The only reason for failure at this stage is you are lazy or afraid and if you want to be successful at selling real estate then you had better deal with these demons.

Your best practice is to make the initial follow up with the intent of developing rapport so that you can make your offer; I call this initial offer the elevator sales pitch. It is a strategy that involves building rapport and then being able to make a short offer, hence the metaphor… elevator sales pitch. Imagine meeting a person at the base of and elevator and you overhear them calling their spouse. Honey I drove by a great house today lets grab a Realtor® and go look at it. You step onto the elevator and you now how thirty to sixty seconds to give your pitch before this person escapes through the opening door… blow it and you will never see this person again.

Every real estate agent should learn to deliver a thirty to sixty second sales pitch, because people love to buy, they never like to be sold. When you learn to deliver your message at the right time, people will give you the courtesy to listen. If they are interested they will move into wanting to buy, if not you might want to consider backing off the pitch and work towards building that right moment. Successful salespeople learn to sense this and that is why they are son dammed good!

When you get an internet lead you must build rapport, and then use your finely tuned well crafted elevator sales pitch. You now have thirty to sixty seconds to get them to want your system of delivering the listings they want via eMail. Getting them set up sending listings is your best bet to continue the contact and enabling you to keep building rapport to the point of getting a face to face appointment.  By sending listings you will now have the built in formula for the follow up call. Don’t just send listings with out a phone call follow up thinking you are doing your job and hoping that they will call you. The entire point is to use this as the lightening rod that gives you a reason to make contact leading to an appointment.

The entire strategy is not a drip email campaign it is prospecting at it finest, getting you to that critical face to face appointment and as NAR tells us, you will have a 75% chance to be the agent of choice by being the first agent they meet with. With 50% of all people that fill out a form on the internet making a move with in 1 – 18 months, this is a hot list to target and you would be wise to hone this skill.

Do not place a person on drip email during the prospecting stage and if they will not answer your phone calls, don’t automatically send them listings to view. Send one email to try to establish contact, who knows the phone number might be wrong. If they will not engage with any sort of contact, then move them to your drip campaign because at this point you have nothing to lose.

If you can see that the relationship is developing in a way that is positive, this will lead to the face to face appointment. If after a couple weeks the prospect has been avoiding your calls, cut them off. Send an email suggesting that they call you if they would at anytime in the future like to continue their home search. If they email asking to stay on the system, eMail them back asking for a phone conversation to discuss their future needs. You need to call because you need contact in order to gain that all important face to face appointment. If they email you asking to stay on the system, email them back with instructions to call you. I have to make this abundantly clear; prospecting is about building the relationship to the point of getting a face to face appointment.

I consider Real estate sales to be a contact sport and it’s not meant for sissies!

Your entire goal is to establish rapport to gain a face to face appointment. At anytime in the sequence of your established goal, the game is changed; you can now put your prospects on drip email. Drip email should only be used as a means of keeping in long term contact with potential clients or past clients that are not in the market to buy or sell. This determination is rather simple, they are in a 120 day time frame or they are not. If they are inside of 120 days deliver items of value and that would be listings that meet their goals. For buyers or sellers on your list that you either do not know what their plans are, they have already bought and sold or their plans are outside the 120 day prospecting period. They go on your long term contact strategy and that involves marketing with your real estate blog.

Read this article on Real Estate Blogs to expand on email strategies.

To recap The Chunk Method of Selling

Build Rapport
Elevator Sales Pitch
Qualify Their Needs and Ability
Send Items of Value (Listings)
Continue Building Rapport
Get a Face to Face Appointment
Contract Signed

James Osmar

SellingToolz Ltd.



Real Estate Blogs – Search Engine Ranking and Anchor Text

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Real Estate Blogs

Do you know that when you make a comment on someone else's blog post      realtors
and add your URL, you will have created a link to your website giving it
a higher value in the search engines?

Links pointing to your website from another site are great!! They are called back links, and one way do follow links are considered to be one of the best ways to get your site better ranking.

If your website is new and you make a blog post with your domain link attached, this will very likely cause your site to get indexed faster. What this means is that you will see your web page in the search engines sooner. This happens because the search engines will find your site through this previously indexed blog that you are posting to, causing your site be index... cool! You can also do this by making comments on Twitter or Delicious and adding your link there.

Make sure that when you post comments your web page link is attached, and when posting to a blog be sure that the comments are relevant to the post that you are submitting to or they may not be considered worth approving on that site.

If you have your own blog and you should have a blog with a unique domain name, this is where things get real interesting... Research some keywords before you write your blog post and be sure to add these keywords to your article. You can use Google's keyword tool to find relevant keywords or keyword phrases for your service, product or market.

To get your website to rank higher in the search engines, turn the keywords in your blog article into a hyper link; this is called adding anchor text to your post. You are now creating a very strong relationship between these keywords and your website... the search engines love this and the more often you do it, the more relevant your website will become with your chosen keywords. Your blog now has your selected keyword anchor text pointing to your website; being able to create a back link is one very important reason to have your website and your blog setup with separate domains.

Let's learn by example, say your business offers lead generation real estate agent websites, which ours does. You can see how I added into this article the keywords "lead generation" and real estate websites, two very good keyword phrases for my business. Most article editors have an "insert link" feature, making it easy to work at pushing your website higher in the search engines simply by choosing to highlight your selected keyword phrase; you then add your link... which is your URL or domain name. This will enable you to gain an associated relevance to these keywords.

I would suggest if your article is short you should limit the number of links, as you are dividing the keyword strength by the number of links inserted into to the article. Therefore diminishing the value by the number of links added, in this case of adding links more is not always better. This is especially critical if you are pulling strength away from other more significant keywords that you might be attempting to rank high for.

There are many ways to improve your search engine ranking, one of the keys tips to remember is that Google and Yahoo are the top two search engines and they love content, so make sure your site is full of new and interesting, keyword rich copy. Do your research and share what you know, post to blogs and articles sites with unique, original content and if your post gets picked up and goes viral... it might just be what it takes to push your website to page one in the search engines.

Watch for more great tips to come.

James Osmar

Real Estate Websites and Training

SellingToolz Ltd.


Real Estate Blogs and Search Engine Indexing

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Real Estate Blogs                                                                                                                                                                             Real_Estate_Blogs

Posting Articles to Speed Up Search Engine Indexing

Posting an article on an established blog in order to fast track your indexing in the search engines is about as good as it gets for having new sites found.

There are other things you can do such as Tweeting your website link or using one of several indexing sites that will get your domain out into cyberspace in order to get your viewed by your target market.

Another great way is to get listed by someone that has a website with a link swap feature built into it. The reason that you want to have your domain posted several places that the search engines are going to visit is to increase your odds of getting indexed sooner rather than later.

The alternative is that you wait and let the spiders find your site on their own, however this could take weeks if not months.

I have taken the effort to write this article hoping that it might help someone else with search engine indexing and at the same time get this site that I have just purchased, London Ontario Real Estate MLS to index and hopefully rank a little faster. You might also notice that I used a technique called anchor text. Using this strategy enables you to add associaton to the key words that you would like to link to, in this case it happens to be that my keywords are also the domain name... cool eh!

I have an article that will  be posted soon on article anchor text, it is one of the most powerful techniques that I know of on search engine ranking.

To learn more on blogging read this article ---->>> Real Estate Blogs


MLS® London, Ontario – Real Estate Blogs

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MLS-London-OntarioMLS London, Ontario - Real Estate Blogs and Search Engine Ranking

I have been encouraged to write this MLS London Ontario article to draw attention to the absolute power of blogging and what seems to be the unfortunate lack of understanding by the majority of Realtors® about real estate blogs and the potential they offer.

Whether you are a real estate agent or not the benefits of blogging are massive in ways that can come only from experience and or the study of results from your own efforts or that of others. This is one of several areas that we cover on Internet marketing and lead generation in the Real Estate Commission Gusher Training program.

I will use the example here of a keyword phrase MLS London Ontario. This is obviously a real estate related search term, unfortunately the domain name I do not own, making this article even more important for those that grasp the significance of this article. It is a highly searched term by those looking to buy or sell homes in London Ontario real estate market.

The reason I chose this term is to show by example how we can take a popular search term, write and article, add anchor text and very often end up with a placement on page one of Google. I have personally managed to gain a number one page position for dozens of keyword phrases that target my real estate websites. And for one particular keyword phrase, I have even managed to take over the top four spots on the Google page rank.

At the time of posting of this article it will be monitored so see how long, or even if it will make it to page one for the search term MLS London Ontario.

One of the main reasons I love this strategy is that you can take a keyword phrase that is owned as a domain name by someone else, usually a competitor and still gain a dominant position on the first page of Google.

Much of what you do when writing and article when you are trying to achieve higher search engine results is about the content on which you choose to write about. The proper use of the keywords and keyword phrases, your anchor text, the way you use your keywords scattered throughout the article, in the main heading and subtitles and the tags that you use to identify what that article is about to the search engines.

Because we chose to write about the keyword phase MLS London Ontario, it should be obvious to sprinkle these keywords throughout the article. It should also be pointed out that you can rearrange the words somewhat to make the content more natural looking.

By way of illustration, you can use the words rearranged in a sentence as if you were talking about the “London Ontario MLS”…. To squeeze a little more juice out of your keywords, you can use quotations, italics and bolding or even color, as Google apparently places some significance on these attributes… Get the picture?

With all that has been said about the significance of keywords, it should also be pointed out that should not overdo it. No one really knows for sure what the proper keyword density is because Google does not share this information.  I would only suggest that the words you are focusing on should be mentioned early and often. Your keywords should be used only to the extent that they appear natural and not to the extent that your article looks like spam.

The sooner that you start your real estate blogs the better your chances will be at getting your articles to place higher in the search engines. Just like real estate your website actually starts to gain equity, with Google this can effect what they refer to as PR or Page Rank. Page Rank was named after one of the Google founders, Larry Page. A higher page rank can often determine your website search engine positioning, giving your website and your articles to be found.

It is hoped that this article might influence real estate agents and others about how much success can be achieved from this vastly underutilized form of medium. Write some Keyword rich articles for all of the major search terms or neighborhoods in your market and grab your share of the Internet traffic out there.

MLS London Ontario – Real Estate Blogs was written as a real estate agent training article by James Osmar of SellingToolz Ltd., in a series of articles on Internet Strategies for Realtors®. It was also done with a search engine position self challenge to see if we can achieve that coveted first page Google ranking.

Click Here To Read This Additional Article On ---->> Real Estate Blogging


Real Estate Blogging

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Real Estate Blogging  - Real Estate Training                                                                       

You can learn to effectively communicate with your clients by getting knowledge from real estate training. Effective communication requires an inexpensive and easy means of keeping in touch with your clients. Currently, the most effective means of communication with clients is through the internet. As a Realtor® if you do not have a lead generation website and a personal blog, you are certainly leaving deals on the table.

There are tried and tested methods you can use in order to achieve success in internet marketing. Such training is essential in ensuring that you not only have a presence online, but also earn revenue from your lead generation website and maintain contact with your real estate blog.

The Commission Gusher Advanced Real Estate Training program is designed to offer Realtor® training in internet marketing, lead generation, lead conversation, and relationship building. One of the basic and advanced lessons you will learn from this comprehensive program include:

Real Estate Blogging

-          The proper manner in which to place yourself in the eyes of the client. Clients are constantly inundated with salespeople and do not want another sales pitch. Your website is for sales your blog must be focused on giving education, current news and facts to users. You will learn to think like an expert so your site becomes a source of credible and reliable information for clients.

-          Cheap and effective means of communicating and keeping tabs with your clients. Real estate blogs and websites are the easiest means by which you can communicate with clients. Direct mail is useful but has become costly and cumbersome to prepare. It is still used in real estate correspondence and should still be an integral part of your overall strategy. Only, in today’s market it can be scaled back 75% to even 100% with the proper implementation of online marketing strategies. Use of the telephone is essential; however its use can be dramatically enhanced when properly synced with smart timely internet marketing strategies.

Recommended Reading ---->> Real Estate Blogging

-          There are many easy ways of conducting research and accumulating resources that will add value to your real estate blog. Value translates to search engine optimization which is crucial to the success of your online marketing campaign. You will see first hand how your blog can be used to drive your websites high in the search engines. Basically, it involves having great content and good keywords on your site, having “back links” that point to your personal website and only your real estate blog will offer this overall flexibility to increase your PR or page rank.

-          Ways and means by which to reduce the overall cost of mailing and advertising to clients. This will entail the use of email marketing through your real estate blogs. A well written email sent to clients will only be a few short sentences long sufficient to express yourself or make your offer linking your clients and customers to your blog post. This will translate to savings of thousands of dollars that would have been used to mail correspondence to potential customers. If your clients are not interested in your email, they will not mind glancing at your short email. They will be ticked if they have to read a lengthy email that they are not getting value from. This is just one critical reason to implement a blog as an overall part of your internet marketing strategy.

-          How to develop newsworthy and readable content to your clients, your blog should only be about news and articles of interest. Users are very conscientious about what they read and will immediately detect obvious sales pitches. The sales pitch should be reserved for your website. Once they get a wrong first impression, they are unlikely to return to your site or blog anytime soon. Conversely, once they are impressed by your content, they are likely to get hooked to your domain for good. Enabling you to shape your reputation the way you would like to be perceived in the eyes of your clients and customers.

-          Your blog will link to your real estate website from here your clients can signup or phone you to request your services view listings or download special reports as required by their own needs and motivations.

-          It is important to remember that people love to buy the never like to be sold. Once your buyers or sellers make a move, they do not want to see another sales pitch 30 days later. Your blogging strategy will enable long term client retention and in another article you will see how to turn this into a steady steam of referrals.

Realtor® training cannot be ignored if you are to succeed in your online marketing campaign. In this very new real estate market, the agent that takes the initiative to educate them self about internet technology, will succeed.

James Osmar
SellingToolz Ltd